Merritt Centennials
Q101 is the Home of the Cents!


The Merritt Centennials took some time away from the rink to get to know their teammates better this week. 

The team building trip took place in Little Shushwaps Indian Band's Pow Wow grounds from Monday to Wednesday, and the team was able to forget about what can be the high stress situation of making the Centennials roster. 

Head coach and General Manager Joe Martin says that the team had a number of activities lined up. 

"It's a chance to get to know people on a different level and have some fun. We played some baseball, white water rafting."

Martin also mentioned that the purpose of the trip was to bring the game of hockey back to it's roots.

"Even though it's a difficult time of year for these young men, it still should be enjoyable with what they're going through. So that's what we tried to do, bring it back to the roots of having some fun."

We will see if the Cents carry over their team building to preseason action against the visiting Chilliwack Chiefs on Friday night. 


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