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Treacherous conditions yesterday continued to play havoc on highways in the area, carrying over from the weekend.

Numerous accidents, mainly on phase one of the Coquihalla south of Merritt, kept emergency personnel busy again yesterday and last night.

A spun out semi near the junction of Highway 5-A at Aspen Grove and the Okanagan Connector halted traffic for close to an hour yesterday afternoon whil the roadway was cleared.

The good thing after all was said and done.. there were no serious injuries as a result of the crashes.

Again, the word is.. SLOW DOWN to the conditions.

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The Hamilton Mountain TV Society is wrapping up their responsibility on the mountain top, and, turning over the reigns.

Randy Murray, T-N-R-D Director for Area "M" says a company out of Vancouver called Navagada will take over the lease. And in exchange for the lease, Navagada will provide high speed broadband internet service for the Nicola Lake area.

Murray says the service lends added potential for people in that area to do business from home and communicate electronically.  He says it's tremendous news.

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Future plans are on the table when the Nicola Valley Community Arts Council holds it's A-G-M this evening.

Arts Council members will vote on new resolutions and the future of the Council will be up for discussion.

Along with the election of the new Board this evening, members will get a sneak preview of the new show: Art on Ice: A Photography Exhibition on the Centennials .

The meeting is at the Courthouse Gallery starting at 7 o'clock this evening.

A good turn out at the meeting is important.

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Merritt's Communities in Bloom Committee yesterday held it's first meeting since a positive evaluation by judges in July.

City Councillor Shelley Sanders says the group reviewed that evaluation during the meeting, going over the criteria they recommended the City work on.

Sanders says the plan is to increase the size of the Committee, but they are working right now on their terms of reference, which will give a good idea exactly what the Committee is responsible for.

Sanders asks interested parties to contact City Hall at 378-4224.

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Work on the 441-thousand dollar revitalization along Garcia Street and Granite Avenue is on schedule.

The work is described by the City as a successful partnership between the province and the City, with 300-thousand dollars provided through the "Towns For Tomorrow" grant program and the City leveraging the balance of 141-thousand dollars.

The project, due for completion by November 30, fulfills the 2005 City Centre Plan to improve the walkways and roadways in the downtown core.

The addition of trees, garbage bins, street lighting and a wider intersection are expected to improve safety and encourage more traffic to the downtown area of the City.

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