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TELUS has invested a million-(m)-dollars in a new wireless site south of Merritt to enhance 4G wireless voice and high-speed Internet services along a 25 kilometer stretch of the Coquilhalla Highway and surrounding areas between Merritt and Shovelnose. 

The site was completed and turned on earlier this week. 

TELUS says the benefits of wireless service are enormous, whether for economic development or public safety. 

The investment gives motorists on the Coquihalla as well as area residents and businesses the convenience of making wireless calls from wherever they are, expanding access to 9-1-1, and allowing for great broadband service where it may not be possible to build wired Internet access. 

The site provides HSPA+ technology, giving voice service, as well as broadband internet at an average speed comparable to a wired connection in your home.

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While the Federal Government will provide 10-(m)-million dollars for waste disposal sites in the Thompson Nicola Regional District, the Lower Nicola site that serves the Nicola Valley won't change dramatically. 

T-N-R-D C-A-O Sukh Gill says generally it'll continue to serve the same area.

Gill says Hefley Creek will definitely see some increases in volume because of the closure of other sites in the area, and he says Hefley will become the destined landfill for those other sites.

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While students are off school for another few days, social networking could be leaving many young people vulnerable. 

Constable Tracy Dunsmore of the Merritt R-C-M-P says often times there's just too much information divulged in such social networks as Facebook. 

Constable Dunsmore says there are security measures people should take on Facebook, and, people should set it up so that only friends and family can see what you're doing. 

Better still, she says, don't post things that you don't want "just anybody" to see.

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The new Merritt Bus Lines Inc that began operations at the end of September has been given a two year extension, with a permit to operate as many as six buses. 

City Councillor Alastair Murdoch says City Council gave the two year approval, as opposed to a requested three years, even though they couldn't forsee any serious problems as a result of the operation.

Murdoch says what Proprietor Paul Campbell is doing on his property at Quilchena Avenue and Blair Street is not a problem.

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Looking ahead to the new year, Merritt's Community Policing Office team of Kelly Donaldson, and, Constable Tracy Dunsmore of the Merritt R-C-M-P plan to enhance the many programs now in place. 

Constable Dunsmore says there are priorities to be taken care of before they start any new ones.

Dunsmore says she would like to see more publicity for the existing programs, and, to make the public more aware, while enhancing those programs.

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