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The ongoing concern about unsightly properties has raised it's ugly head again in the City of Merritt.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer David Berezan says he's noticing numerous unkempt yards and boulevards.

Berezan says with the anticipated high number of tourist visits anticipated over the months ahead he's hoping people will take more pride in how the City looks to outsiders.

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As the City of Merritt continues to look ahead and at future growth, it's expansion plans include the downtown core.

City Councillor Dave Baker says in-fill into that area appears the way to go at the moment.

Baker adds that the City has the land for future expansion and in-fill is definitely the way to go, before expanding elsewhere.

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The hydrologist with the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Operations says water levels on the Nicola River will remain high for at least another week.

Craig Beeson says since flows from the Nicola Dam were increased on Wednesday, water is surging down the Nicola into Merritt at 42-cubic meters per second.

Beeson says the sandbagging this week has taken away most of the concerns on the river.

However he says seepage can take awhile to show up and residents should monitor basements carefully.

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More water is flowing from the Nicola Dam on Nicola Lake into the Nicola River, causing the river to overflow it's banks in some areas along the way, but so far no red flags are flying.

Merritt Fire Chief Dave Tomkinson says one such area is on the ranch where the Nicola flows under the Coquihalla between the two Merritt interchanges.

Sandbagging has been done along parts of the river, as a proactive protection measure, but Tomkinson says there's no area of major concern at this time.

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The legal limit for alcohol consumption remains a question for many people planning to drive after having a couple drinks.

Constable Trevor Skappak of the Merritt R-C-M-P says warnings are issued at 0.6 on the roadside screening device, which would result in an immediate three day roadside probation of your license.

Skappak says most people can have 2 beers and still drive, but, in a small community like Merritt, people should park and walk.

Skappak says people have to realize two things about driving impaired -- it's illegal and it kills people.

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