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While the move to abolish the long gun registry is underway, it sits at second reading in Ottawa.

Dan Albas, M-P for Okanagan-Coquihalla says it will be going to committee and coming back for third and final reading.

Albas says it's a 2-billion dollar boondoggle in the making.

He feels the money would be much better spent on other initiatives.

He says it's only the registry itself that is not going to be maintained and registration of restricted fire arms and safety practices will still be maintained.

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There's garbage talk from the City of Merritt this morning.

The City garbage pick ups are being delayed after the commercial garbage truck undergoes emergency repairs.

It's expected the truck will be back in service by 2 o'clock this afternoon, with Monday pickups being caught up, as crews will work through until close to 8 or 9 o'clock this evening.

The Tuesday pick ups will be caught up starting at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

Then, the Wednesday pick up will commence, perhaps a little later than usual tomorrow.

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Halloween this year in the Nicola Valley appears to have gone off with more treats than tricks.

The young ghosts and goblins are to be commended for what appears to have been a safe and sane Halloween this year.

The City fireworks display got underway on time at precisely 8 o'clock and went off without a hitch to the delight of local residents who gathered at Central Park for the colourful display.

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The Social Planning Council Housing symposium is set for tomorrow in Merritt.

Committee Member Constable Tracy Dunsmore of the Merritt R-C-M-P says there's been a lot of work with different groups and agencies on housing for the past couple years.

Dunsmore says says Scwexmx Community Health has been doing a survey regarding health in the community, as have Ask Wellness.

Both will make presentations on some of their findings on housing as well.

The Symposium is at the Anglican Church Hall at 1990 Chapman Street tomorrow from 11am until 4pm.

Lunch will be provided by the local Soup Bowl.

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The general consensus after the Chamber of Commerce sponsored All Candidates Forum in Merritt yesterday is that it was a success.

Incumbent Councillor Dave Baker echoed the sentiments of pretty well all the participants, saying that the Chamber did a great job presenting the event and Rob Miller from Community Futures Nicola Valley was an excellent host.

Baker feels the questions from the audience for all candidates were fair.

In excess of 100 people attended the forum, held in advance of the November 19 Civic Elections in Merritt.

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