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The controversial practice of applying biosolids to land and the environmental and health impacts of it will be discussed at length by TNRD officials today.
Area M director Randy Murray initiated the meeting at the Hotel 540 in Kamloops with a goal of giving fellow directors and TNRD staff a look at alternative disposal/storage methods.
"We're up against the slow adoption and understanding of what these micro molecules, and toxins within the product do to our environment. In your everyday life you don't see it, hear, feel or taste them, but they have an impact." 
In 2015, the regional district approved a new bylaw that requires any party intending to establish a biosolids composting facility in the TNRD set up shop on P3 zoned land.
It proceeded the moratorium signed by the Nicola Valley Chiefs prevents both the importation and land application of biosolids.
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Wildfire burning at Pike Mountain not expected to grow.
Kamloops Fire Centre information officer Claire Allen says the blaze that sparked Monday afternoon between Merritt and Princeton continues to be measured at 16-hectares and is now considered to be being HELD.
However, heading in to the weekend she does say there is concern about the weather.
"If we do have thunderstorm activity, it can bring precipitation, but also does bring the risk of lightning. So, we will be watching carefully for lightning, as well as strong winds."
The 16-hectare wildfire near Pike Mountain is still believed to be human caused.
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Lower Nicola Indian Band expressing interest in Kettle Valley Railway 'Rails to Trails' project.
Chief Aaron Sumexheltza says the band has had discussions with the City of Merritt and TNRD about creating a trail along the former railway from the city, through the Lower Nicola Indian Band reserve, and eventually all the way to Spences Bridge.
He believes the 'Rails to Trails' project would draw additional tourists to the Nicola Valley, and at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle for area residents.
"We are committed to taking a serious look at the Rails to Trails project, and I look forward to having continued discussions with the TNRD, and city to see if this can become a reality."
Closed to trains in 1989, the Kettle Valley Railway system stretches from Midway all the way to Spences Bridge.
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lnib rainbow.jpg
Lower Nicola Indian Band showing pride.
Rainbow sidewalks were painted at the LNIB Band offices and school this week.
After all the controversy this past spring in the City of Merritt, Chief Aaron Sumexheltza says band council wanted to show support for the youth of the area.
"Especially when it comes to bullying, it's important we do everything we can to support our young people. They need our support, and even if it just a rainbow on a sidewalk, it shows they are not alone."
Back in February, a proposal by students at Merritt Secondary School for a rainbow crosswalk was denied by the City of Merritt.
The controversial move lead to major backlash on social media.  
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Baillie House.png
Closure of the Exit 286 BC Visitor Centre leading to huge increase in traffic at the Baillie House to start the year.
City of Merritt Tourism manager Will George says through June, the Merritt visitor centre has seen more than 11,000 visitors.
That's almost 1,800 more people than the first six-months of 2017.
"Seeing that our busiest season is July and August, it will only go up from here. But, we are pleased to report that compared to the first half of 2017, we are up almost 17% when it comes to visitors at the Baillie House."
George says the number of visits was expected to increase following the closure of the Exit 286 BC Visitors Centre in January.
To help make up for the loss the city is also operating a mobile tourism kiosk on Dewolf Way.
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