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A petition delivered to the City of Merritt on Tuesday night is calling for improvements to snow removal this winter,
The petition contains nearly 500 signatures and points to issues last winter in the downtown core, when numerous people, including seniors suffered serious falls.
Councillor Kurt Christopherson assured that the matter would be looked into.
"Be sure, we intend to look at how to prioritize, and how to spend the tax dollars wisely," Christopherson said. "Whatever fix there is, it is not an easy one. But, I think you have our assurnaces that we will do our best."
Those behind the petition say they would rather see service delivered more efficiently, and on a well-advertised schedule, than have the budget increased.
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Another tow yard in Merritt was broken into over the long weekend.

It was reported Tuesday that vehicles at Mario's Towing on Nicola Ave were rummaged through over the weekend, and now Merritt RCMP S/Sgt Lorne Wood says Reliable Towing on Macfarlane Way was also targeted.

"The person, or persons entered the compound cutting some fencing to access the secure area of the compound. At least six vehicles were rummaged through, and at least two of them had stereos, amps and speakers removed."

Wood says there are no suspects, but its likely the two break-ins are connected.

He also says it has been discovered that a black 1995 Nissan Maxima with no plates was taken during the initial break-in reported at Mario's Towing.


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Residents of a Merritt trailer park are imploring the city to come up with a flood mitigation plan for the whole community.
Flooding from the Nicola River has lead to Evacuation Alerts being issued for residents of the Eldorado Mobile Home Park the last two years during the spring freshet.
Manager Colleen Wadell is now hoping to construct a dyke that will protect the 54 homes in the park.
"The process is complex. It requires several months to apply to different levels of government." 
Wadell says they have already consulted with a biologist and hydrologist in getting the process started.
Residents in the park are also requesting that the flood assessment conducted earlier this year by the city be expanded to include the trailer park, and other areas west of Voght St.
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Ask Wellness.PNG
Ask Wellness Society hoping to start construction of affordable housing complex for seniors in Merritt next year.
Executive Director Bob Hughes says they don't have an exact location determined yet, but hope to build the $4-million, 40-unit building downtown.
The tentative plan is for the building to be for those aged 55-plus, and for it to be completed by November of 2020.
"We have the approval now to proceed to the final project approval. Now we dig into the finer details; working towards doing a development permit, building permit and working through different site issues as we figure out where we want to do this."
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Cannabis Store.png
Proposed recreational cannabis dispensary in the City of Merritt proceeding to public consultation.
Mayor and Council voted unanimously at last night's regular meeting to seek public consultation on the Quilchena Cannabis Company's plan to open a store front at 1937 Quilchena Ave.
Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the city will be sending notices to residents and businesses within 100ft of the proposed dispensary, as well as posting multiple public notices.
"No cannabis retail store can be 100m of another cannabis retail store. I have been very clear with people that have called in, that if somebody has landed in a spot before they did, they will be out of luck and not meet the terms of the zoning bylaw. So, what this is basically saying is that little comer downtown would be blocked out from having another store in the area." 
Despite lots of inquiries, the application from the Quilchena Cannabis Company to operate a cannabis dispensary is the only one received by the City of Merritt to date.
Smith says Mayor and Council will be asked to make a recommendation once the company receives approval to operate from the province.
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