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Nicola Valley Search and Rescue Association saving cat from the Nicola River in Merritt.
Manager Lynne Broekhuizen says members trained in swift water rescue successfully removed a cat from a tree in middle of the river adjacent to Rotary Park last night.
The cat had been stuck above the fast-flowing current for hours, and although its not their typical rescue, she says under the circumstances it was best they stepped in.
"It's not something that is normally done, but in the view of public safety we were concerned that a member of the public would attempt to rescue it on their own. And, the river is just not safe right now."
Broekhuizen says a local arborist was utilized to help with the rescue.
"Mountain bikers, snowmobilers, trackers, and in this case an arborist. We definitely utilize members of the community with specialties."
Although members of the Nicola Valley Search and Rescus Association are trained for swift water rescue, Broekhuizen continues to ask people to stay well back of area streams and rivers while flows remain high during the freshet.
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Sprinkling ban being lifted for those on the Lower Nicola Water Works system.

A Boil Water Notice remains in effect, but the society's Carla Bacon says as of 6pm this evening customers can resume regularly scheduled outdoor water use.

"We have made lots of progress restoring the water capacity. And although there are still some communication problems between the system we are back on again."

The Boil Water notice for customers was put into effect earlier this month after flooding from Guichon Creek washed out two of three pump houses.

Bacon remains hopeful it can be lifted soon, and not continue into winter like last year.

"Last year we had a broken line, so that was totally different. And, this year we don’t have any major water lies that have been compromised."

Roughly 320 customers are serviced by the Lower Nicola Water Works system.


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Tender approved for Voght St turning lane.

The bid of $180,413.25 from C.G.L Contracting Limited to construct a right turn lane for drivers travelling south on Voght St where it intersects with Nicola Ave was accepted by Mayor and Council at Tuesday's regular meeting.

CAO Shawn Boven is hoping it can be completed by the fall.

"I don't have the contractors scheduled quite yet, but I expect it to be done sometime this summer."

Boven is advising residents to expect delays along both Voght St and Nicola Ave during the construction process.

The project was originally slated to be completed back in 2016 during the repaving of Nicola Ave but was delayed over issues pertaining to the cost.


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Coldwater (1).png
Dog rescued from the Coldwater River in Merritt unable to survive.
Merritt RCMP Sgt Norm Fleming says officers were called to an area of river in the city the near the Spring Island Trailer Park around 10pm last night after an Alaskan Malamute was found stuck in the mud along the river's edge.
By the time officers arrived a group of bystanders had managed to pull the dog to safety.
"I have no idea how long the dog was in the river, but it was extremely cold, and extremely tired. the guys said the poor pooch could barely stand up."
Unfortunately, Fleming says the 10-year-old dog was later put down due the stress of the incident.
"The veterinarian was pretty sure the dog had an internal injury. It's heart rate was elevated, and it was having a great deal of trouble breathing."
Fleming commends the group of people for their efforts in rescuing the dog from the river, even though flows remain high, and it was quite dangerous to do so.
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City of Merritt to proceed with plans to install security cameras at the Nicola Valley Memorial arena and Rail Yard Mall.
In voting against plans to eliminate any cameras designed for crime prevention at last night's regular meeting, Councillor Mike Goetz says a tedious, often unsuccessful process isn't reason enough to abandoned plans. 
"I think we live in a far to liberal society and I don't see any reason why we can't have cameras to keep the crime rate down. It's getting a little ridiculous."
His statements were echoed by Councillor Dave Baker.
"I realize the government is not behind this. One of their questions is, have you looked at other less invasive measure? Being in the police committee, as some of us are, we have done that already, and it hasn't worked."
The City of Merritt is looking to install security cameras at the arena, both for monitoring equipment and crime prevention, and Merritt RCMP have recommended cameras be placed in the alley connecting the Nicola Valley and District Museum to reduce loitering at the Rail Yard Mall.
A Privacy Impact Study for each proposed camera now needs to be submitted to and accepted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner before any can be installed.
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