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Search continues for a small plane missing between Chilliwack and Edmonton.

Lt Tony Wright with the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Victoria says higher ceilings, increased visibility and light winds are expected today after crews endured low visibility, rain and snow at higher elevations as the search began last Friday and continued through the weekend.

"We've got Cassara aircraft from the Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association, as well as four RCAF aircraft, two helicopters and two planes searching an area near Blue River."

The white Vans RV-6 with two people aboard was reported overdue on September 14th on a flight from Edmonton to Chilliwack, but radar and cell tower data have helped rescuers narrow the focus to the Highway 5 corridor.


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Long time Area N Director ready to help usher in new group of TNRD Directors.
Acclaimed for a third consecutive municipal election, Herb Graham is now preparing for a fifth term with the regional district.
With almost half of the current directors not seeking another term, including in Area M, he realizes he may have to act as a mentor to bring some up to speed.
"We've got 24 Directors, and 11 are moving on, and there will be some casualties as well. So, we will have an entiretly new board, with some even brand new to politics. So, I'm ready to help in any way I can."
After twelve years on the job, Graham says he still has the passion, and looks forward to continuing to help his constituents when called upon for another four-years.
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Nearly 40 cats trapped, neutered and released in the City of Merritt.
Reinstituted this summer, Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the program ran in partnership with the BCSPCA targetted three areas in the city.
36 cats in all were fixed.
"And, in addition to that, we have re located 35 kittens. So, it's defeinetly been a busy, productive season on the cat front."
Pending another grant from the BCSPCA, Smith says the Trap, Neuter, Release program will likely return next summer.
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Rural School District 58 trustee candidate hoping second time is the charm.

Everett Hoisington failed in his attempt to secure a Merritt school trustee position in 2014, but as a resident of Lower Nicola has decided to turn his attention to the school board trustee position for TNRD Area M and N.

With two young boys currently in the district, he says he has a vested interest in seeing it prosper.

"I don't think the graduation numbers reflect what they really are. I'd like to see more of our kids that start Kindergarten, actually graduate in the district."

Hoisington is running against Incumbent Gerry Ellingsen in the 2018 Municipal Election.

One of the two will join Gordon Swan, Brian Jepsen and Jon Chenoweth as local trustees, after the three were acclaimed as City of Merritt trustees.


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Local author looking to make the City of Merritt safe and prosperous again.

Mike Bhangu was born and raised in Merritt, and he is hoping to put his years studying politics, sociology and economics to work for the city in seeking one of the six spots on Council up for grabs in the upcoming municipal election.

"I spent 15-years doing independent study. No one paid me to learn the root causes of issues, and how we can make communities a better place to live. I spent a couple of years just studying government, and the direction it has been taking for the last 100 years to find out why we are where we are."

Bhangu has a list of priorities if elected, including having the city focus on investment, bringing higher paying jobs to the area, improving quality of life for seniors and crime reduction.

He is one of 11 residents seeking a spot on Council in the City of Merritt on Oct 20th.


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