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Environment Canada warning its going to get a little windy.

A special weather statement is in effect for the Nicola region, as northerly winds with gusts up to 70 km/h or more are anticipated starting this evening.

Forecaster Trevor Smith is recommending anyone with boats on Nicola Lake, or any other exposed lake in the region take precautions.

"It will probably begin sometime between 8pm and 10pm. The concern is for anyone still out on the lake, and those still anchored there. They might want to avoid anchorage that are exposed to the north, or the northwest."

Smith expects the winds to calm by Saturday morning.


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New three-year lease for the Merritt and District Tennis Club.

Manager of Recreation and Facilities Sky McKeown says the lease approved at Tuesday's regular meeting of council is basically the same as the previous agreement signed between the City of Merritt and the club.

"They are an organized group that is very passionate about tennis and making it available. The only real change will see non-members being able to pick up a key to the courts at the golf course for $20, then when they are done and return the key, they will receive a $10 deposit back."

The courts off Juniper Way were resurfaced by Tomko Sports in the spring.

The City of Merritt provided $10,000 towards the project, while the rest of the $40,000 cost was picked up by the club.


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Open House scheduled to discuss the rules surrounding the sale of recreational cannabis within the City of Merritt. 
With a draft of the amended bylaw covering dispensaries complete, Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the city is hoping to hear from residents during an Open House at City Hall scheduled for July 24th at 6pm.
"It's going to be an opportunity for Mayor and Council to hear from the public, get their thoughts, and see if there are any concerns. Or, maybe the public will overwhelmingly say they are in support of what is there."
A public hearing on the amended bylaw covering the sale of recreational cannabis will follow the Open House.
The bylaw would limit the sale of cannabis to the three areas of the city where alcohol is sold, keeps the number of dispensaries to start at four, and states potential dispensaries can't be located within 150m of any parks, schools or cemeteries.
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Society pushing for detox centre in the Nicola Valley.

The Wellness Society of the Nicola Valley consists of representatives from the City of Merritt and five area First Nations bands.

Lower Nicola Indian Band Chief Aaron Sumexheltza says the group has met a couple times, and the goal is to break ground on the proposed rehabilitation centre sometime in 2019.

"Addiction and trauma from residential schools has affected people in the Nicola Valley for a long time. We would like to see community members be able to deal with their issues, get healthy, and be able to live a productive life moving forward."

The Wellness Society of the Nicola Valley are hoping to secure both a location and funding for the proposed detox centre in the coming months.


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Merritt Golf & Country Club to close to help course recover from flood damage.
Head professional Sydney Van Rensburg says they will be closed the rest of the month starting Sunday.
"We came to a decision between the club and contractors that is fixing it, that the best course of action is to close the course for a couple weeks starting July 15th to the 31st. It will give the course the best possible chance to grow back, and the new sod to take."
Fairways on hole eight, nine and six, and a few other places on the course are completely being resodded.
"Its been a lengthy process, but we are lucky enough to have a very experienced contractor that's doing the work. They are doing great work and are working non-stop."
Including the latest work, over $750,000 in damage has resulted from flooding the last two years at the Merritt Golf and Country Club.
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