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School District 58 naming new assistant superintendent.

Superintendent Stephen McNiven says Jameel Aziz was most recently the principal of the South Sa-Hali Elementary School in Kamloops, and a past President of both the BC Principals and Vice Principals Associations, and the Canadian Association of Principals.

"We think he's going to do an excellent job. He brings a lot of interesting experience across all grade levels, and in terms of provincial perspective as well."

Aziz takes over for Christine Perkins, who left to become the superintendent of School District No 8 (Kootenay Lake) following the 2016/17 school year.


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Element Music Fest.1png.png
Element Music Festival building something at the Snug Lake Amphitheatre.
After a dress rehearsal last year, co-founder Justin Picard says the August long weekend jam-band festival near Princeton saw close to 1,500 people attend in 2017.
"We really found it was much more of a community vibe, than it was a normal music festival with corporate sponsors, and inaccessible musicians and promoters. We got a lot of great feedback, and people seemed to really enjoy themselves, so we're really happy how it turned out."
Heading into this year's festival plans were to double the 4000 tickets available in 2018, but feedback from attendees and performers has led to that changing.
"We want this to stay an intimate event. So, we are looking to cap ticket sales around 2,500 next year, to maintain the atmosphere of this year's festival."
Tickets to the 2017 Element Music Festival were sold to residents of seven Canadian provinces, 22 U.S states and a total of seven countries.
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Smoky Skies Back.png
After a brief reprieve, the sky is smoky again in the Nicola Valley.
After blue skies yesterday, the smoke is back this morning.
And, Environment Canada's Ross Macdonald is expecting it to clear, and return throughout the week.
"It's likely the smoke will come and go depending on how the wind shifts throughout the week. The smoke is not expected to be as thick, but that could depend where you are, and how close the fires are burning to you."
As a result, Macdonald expects the Smoky Skies Bulletin to also remain in effect the rest of the week.
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Rain, and cooler temperatures lowering the Fire Danger Rating in the Merritt Fire Zone.

Kamloops Fire Centre information officer Jody Lucius says the rain throughout the area yesterday morning lowered the rating to HIGH, from EXREME, which is has been for the better part of the last two-months.

"We're still seeing pockets of EXTREME in the Lillooet, Lytton and Kelowna Fire Zones, and moderate to HIGH in the rest of the Kamloops Fire Centre."

Despite lightning in many parts of the Kamloops Fire Centre over the weekend, Lucius says not one new fire start was recorded.


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UNB Speed Sign.png
Speeders being targeted by the Upper Nicola Band.
Speeding along Hwy 5A near the reserve has been a problem for years, so Chief Harvey McLeod says the band is taking it upon themselves to get people to slow down.
The band has placed a new speed reader sign along the highway.
"The traffic, and truck traffic is getting a little heavier, and the speeds are increasing. We've been working with both the Ministry of Transportation, and RCMP for a while hoping to get a sign, in order to reduce speeds. That was taking too much time, so we just went and got our own."
McLeod says data collected from the sign will be studied, and shared with both the RCMP, and Ministry of Transportation.
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