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A Merritt daycare operator doesn't have any issues with a cannabis dispensary operating down the street.
The Executive Director for Merritt Youth and Family Resource Society Lenora Fletcher says they plan to go ahead with construction of their new headquarters at 1914 Quilchena Ave, whether Mayor and Council vote in favour of an application from 'Quilchena Cannabis' to operate a recreational dispensary at 1937 Quilchena Ave or not.
She says the potential for second hand smoke from marijuana is more concerning than being less than 100m away from it is sold.
"I doesn't matter where they are buying it in my mind set. What matters to me is where they are smoking it. If it's 100m away, then that's fine to me but if it is within that distance it's a concern."
'Quilchena Cannibas' still requires both the approval of the province and City of Merritt before then can operate.
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Interior Health is now offering a prenatal education program by cellphone.

The free program is called 'SmartMom.'

Coordinator Nancy Delgado says pregnant women will receive text messages that help guide them through their pregnancy.

The idea is to see more woman taking classes because as it sits she iridates only 32% of Canadian women do.

"And, we do know that number can be even less in our rural or remote communities. So, we are now able to offer consistent, evidence-based prenatal education for mom's to be across Interior Health."

Delgado says roughly 6,000 women give birth each year within the Interior Health Authority.

Woman can sign up for the program by texting "INTERIOR" to the phone number 1-2-3-2-3.


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Several new species observed during the Nicola Naturalist Society's Christmas Bird Count.
President Alan Burger says participants counted 61 species during Sunday's Count, including a Red Breasted Merganser, a Swamp Sparrow, Northern Shoveler and a Greater White-fronted Goose which were tallied for the first time in the 20-year history of the count.
"There were different reasons. The Swamp Sparrow isn't observed in Southern BC very much, but the others were probably just in the wrong place. The white fronted goose for example can occur in flocks of their own, but in this case,  it was hanging around with roughly 200 Canada geese."
Burger also notes that record amounts of Black-capped Chickadees, Dark-eyed Juncos and Pine Siskins were observed.
In total, 4,015 birds were counted.
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Yellow Vest Canada movement getting support in Merritt.
Six people gathered along Voght St Saturday to criticize the tax and immigration policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.
Greg Vanosch was one of them and says their protest will remain peaceful.
"Basically, we need government reform for the betterment of all of Canada. And, that's what this is all about."
Originally starting in France, yellow vest protests have moved to Canada, with numerous taking place across the country on Saturday calling for the Prime Minister to be arrested for treason.
Vanosch plans to be back out in front of the Merritt RCMP detachment protesting again today.
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The Mayor of the City of Merritt is wanting capital projects included in next year's budget to be completed, or not listed at all.
While items that are still needing grant funding will remain, Linda Brown wants to see projects that are funded be completed on time, and on budget.
"The problem I have is when we overbudget in my mind the number of capital projects that we need to do or anticipate doing. Through whatever reasoning, whether it's we don't have capacity, or are overloaded, or just don't get to them, these projects keep getting rolled over and at times take years to complete."
She says it took three years to finish, which added to the total cost of the project that was finally completed earlier this fall.
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