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After nearly four-decades, the Nicola Valley Veterinary Clinic will close for good this month.

After trying for years to sell her practise, Dr Lis Ladyman says the Nicola Valley Veterinary Clinic will close as of Dec 31st.

While she is closing her practise, she won't be stepping away completely.

"I wasn't able to procure anybody that wanted to come to Merritt and take over my business. So, I've decided to merge with the Merritt Veterinary Hospital. I'm going to a place where there are more veterinarians, so we can share calls and appointments. It should help to provide people with more appointment times and emergency care."

Dr Ladyman confirms her staff will be accompanying her in the move to the Merritt Veterinary Hospital.


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The City of Merritt is looking to clearly define what constitutes "affordable housing."

Under the current Zoning Bylaw, Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith says the city's definition of affordable housing doesn't ring true.

As it sits, with the median pre-tax household income in the City of Merritt currently at $62,544, housing that costs $1,563.00 or less per month would be the figure staff use to define affordable housing when considering applications.

"Staff see that as being potentially problematic, and certainly wouldn't want to confer significant benefits to developers if it is just going to be market rates anyways."

Having a housing agreement in place would allow the city and a developer to mutually establish the terms necessary to qualify as affordable housing.


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Pair of males caught with loaded firearms during holiday road check in Merritt.

Merritt RCMP Cpl Brock Hedrick confirms a 44-year-old male from Washington St, and a 54-year-old male from the Lower Mainland were caught in possession of multiple firearms during a police road block set up on Nicola Ave and Juniper St late Friday evening.

"One of the rifles was noted to be a semi-automatic rifle that was actually loaded right near the feet of the passenger. And, then there was another rifle in the front that wasn't loaded."

The pair were also transporting a deceased deer, which Hedrick says they are believed to have shot earlier in the day.

Neither male had a license to possess firearms.

Both are now facing multiple charges under both the Firearms and Wildlife acts.


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A male believed to be passing counterfeit American currency in Merritt has been arrested.
Merritt RCMP Cpl Brock Hedrick confirms a 49-year-old male of no fixed address was arrested last week near Princeton.
It's believed he attempted the scam in Merritt, Princeton and Hope in recent weeks.
"And, we believe there may be more detachments. But, the Hope detachment has formally recommended charges against this male and we are working at getting our files in a position where we can forward them to Crown Counsel."
At least eight counterfeit American $20 or $50 bills were used at businesses in Merritt earlier this month.
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A second private recreational cannabis dispensary is applying to operate in Merritt.

City of Merritt Director of Corporate Services Sean Smith confirms 'Hive Cannabis' has filed a business license application to operate out the storefront at 2040 Nicola Ave.

It's the second application since cannabis was legalized in October that will go before Mayor and Council for consideration.

"Same process, we will go out for public consultation on January 2nd. Then wait for the responses and as well for provincial fitness and suitability checks. Once we have that it will come back to Council for final recommendation.”

All neighbouring properties will be notified of the application, but as it sits Smith says the location is zoned correctly for a cannabis dispensary.


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