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City of Merritt accusing BC's Forests minister of dragging his heels.
Mayor Neil Menard is not happy with Doug Donaldson's slow reaction to the demand from the city that the wood supply from the shutdown Tolko sawmill go to Aspen Planers.
The exporting of wood from the area has been happening for nearly two years, and he says it needs to stop now.
"He knows its a critical issue. The government as knows all the troubles we've had in the Merritt area of late. So, I think they should maybe wake up and smell the roses, so people know they are paying attention to us."
The Tolko sawmill in Merritt shutdown in 2016, and since the company has been exporting wood from the Nicola Valley, and processing it at it's other mills around the province.
The City of Merritt is of the belief the wood supply should remain in the area for use in the local economy.
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Voght St Lanes.png
Construction of right turn lanes at Voght St and Nicola Ave on hold.
The project started last month was expected to be completed July 15th, but City of Merritt CAO Shawn Boven says due to unforeseen circumstances it has been halted, and work is not expected to resume until August.
"The project was proceeding well, but then there was a coordination issue with some of the parts we were expecting to receive from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure."
The $180,413.25 project to add two right turn lanes at the intersection at Voght St and Nicola Ave is being done by C.G.L Contracting.
It was originally slated to be completed back in 2016 during the repaving of Nicola Ave but was delayed over issues pertaining to the cost.
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Scorching temperatures expected in the Nicola Valley to start the week.
A Heat Warning is in place, as Environment Canada's Chris Gibbons says temperatures are expected to approach reach 35 degrees in Merritt the next couple days.
Extreme heat can affect everyone, but he says the risks are greater for young children, pregnant women, older adults, people with chronic illnesses and people working or exercising outdoors.
"Use common sense, don't leave children or pets in parked vehicles. Stay well hydrated, use lots of sunscreen and keep an eye on any young or elderly family members, or neighbours."
Illnesses attributed to heat include swelling, rash, cramps, fainting, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.
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Extreme temperatures and drying conditions could spell the end to campfires within the Kamloops Fire Centre very soon.
While Category 2 and 3 fires are still permitted, with temperatures approaching 40 degrees this week information officer Marla Catherill says they may not be for much longer.
"The warming trend is expected to continue, and the Fire Danger Rating, and the risk of fire will certainly increase as it does."
Despite the Fire Danger Rating once again sitting at EXTREME, there were no wildfire starts in the Merritt Fire Zone over the weekend, and no active wildfires are currently burning.
Since April 1st, Catherill confirms 30 wildfires have been recorded in the Merritt Fire Zone, burning a total of 73 hectares.
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merritt fire Rescue.jpg
Merritt Fire Rescue Department responding to an increase in public service calls to start 2018.
Through the first six-months of the year, Chief David Tomkinson says members responded to 12 public service calls.
That's up from just three through six months in each of the past two years.
"From people being trapped in elevators, to assisting RCMP officers access properties or heights. There was even a call to assist two dogs entangled in wire and choking. So, it was a variety of calls." 
Tomkinson says public service calls are a matter of circumstance, and at this point he says its likely just an anomaly to start the year.
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