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RCMP yet to provide any further details about an early morning shooting in Merritt.

On Friday a 30-year-old male was shot once in the leg, after an altercation took place outside the Sumac Gardens apartment complex around 4am.

All Sgt Norm Fleming has confirmed is that the suspects were believed to be in a black car, with four doors, and that the shot came from the back seat.

"We're not sure exactly if there was a confrontation that occurred. If the person this gentleman had gone to speak to find out why he was hanging around, if he was related to the vehicle or not, because he took off running and the vehicle left immediately. So, we are still trying to put the connections together there."

The male shot is expected to make a full recovery.

Anyone that may have more information about the incident is asked to call Merritt RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


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Local biologist has concerns over the current flood mitigation techniques being used for Guichon Creek.
Tracy Wimbush of the Nicola Tribal Association says work being done under the veil of a Local State of Emergency could have a lasting impact on the Lower Nicola waterway.
Wimbush's main concern surrounds the material crews are using to stabilize the banks.
"What I have been seeing down at Guichon was truck loads of what I would call 'popcorn' rock, just small little cobble. They were dumping that stuff, and it will just wash away. Just like it already did."
Work continues to stabilize the banks and remove sediment from Guichon Creek in order to ensure the 10-mile bridge on Hwy 8 can remain open. 
While Chinook may not feel the impact of the increased sediment caused by the restoration effort underway, Wimbush says Rainbow Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and other smaller fish in the system could suffer.
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City of Merritt reconsidering plans to install security cameras at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena and Rail Yard Mall.
Director of corporate services Sean Smith says getting clearance from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner is an extensive process, as the Privacy Impact Study is very stringent on the rules surrounding having cameras in public buildings.
"They always want to see whether there is potential for a less invasive measure to be used. So, you must look at each camera, and each placement to see if there is an option that would be less invasive of people's privacy, that would get the job done."
Adding to the issues, Smith says recent rulings from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner concerning Terrace and Vancouver proves the OPIC doesn't believe security cameras are that effective for reducing crime.
The matter will be discussed further by Mayor and Council at tonight's regular meeting.
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City of Merritt could be forced to scale back summer Tourism Ambassador program.

Tourism manager Will George says the city has received funding for just one this summer, instead of the three positions funded in previous years.

"We didn't receive all the funding we applied for through the Canada Summer Jobs program. This program is not funded by taxpayers, and so we have funding for one student this summer. And, now we have to decide on our end whether we want to expand that."

With the Visitor Centre at Exit 286 now closed, the City of Merritt is planning to operate a mobile tourism trailer on DeWolf Way.

The Tourism Ambassador program has run in Merritt the past two summers, and this year is run in partnership with Community Futures Nicola Valley.


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Levels decreasing in the Nicola River, but flows will have to slow a lot more before the City of Merritt considers lifting any Evacuation Orders.

Roughly 100 residents remain displaced by flooding along the Nicola River floodplain and while CAO Shawn Boven says conditions are improving, the threat is still very real.

"On Friday the province reduced the outflow from Nicola Lake from 76 cubic metres per second to 72. They then lowered further on Saturday to 68. And, while that did provide a bit of relief, people are still fighting it. They are still monitoring temporary dykes, still pumping water, and we've had public works employees working three eight-hour shifts throughout the weekend 24/7."

With water levels still very high, Boven says another row of interlocking cement blocks have been installed on the corner of Chapman St and 1st Ave.

"Residents did come together earlier this month, and a lot of sandbags were put in place. But, we had our engineer come in and asses it, and it was determined another line of defense was needed."

In addition to the orders in place, all homes along the Nicola River floodplain within the City of Merritt remain on Evacuation Alert.

Boven expects the threat of flooding from the river to continue until outflows from the Nicola Lake dam drop to around 50 cubic metres per second, and when that may occur remains unknown.


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