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Merritt woman busted in bait mail sting, then later found living in stolen RV in possession of more stolen mail, sentenced to a year in jail.

38-year-old Kristina Anderson has been in custody since being arrested back in December, after she and her boyfriend 43-year-old Julian Hoekstra were caught living in a stolen RV in rural Peachland.

Inside, police found stolen mail including fraudulent documents, credit cards and pre-paid gift cards.

Out on bail, the pair had previously been caught breaking into mailboxes in the Okanagan on a number of occasions, including a bait mail sting in 2016.

Despite asking for a conditional sentence, Anderson will serve a year in jail for theft of mail in West Kelowna, attempted theft of mail in Summerland, possession of a stolen credit card and possession of a stolen motorhome and stolen mail.

Hoekstra, her partner in crime, is scheduled to be sentenced in April.


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Merritt Fire Rescue Department responding to suspicious fire this morning.

Chief David Tomkinson says crews responded to what was described as a structure fire in the 1400blk of Coldwater Ave just after 8am.

It ended up being a burning pile of rubbish in a backyard, which was quickly extinguished.

"It's been turned over to the RCMP. There was no plausible reason for the fire, so it has been deemed suspicious."

Tomkinson says the small fire caused no damage to adjacent homes.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Merritt RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


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"Retired Trades People Association of Merritt" hoping to make homes safer for local seniors.

Retired building contractor Heinz Sandrock started the group.

He says bathrooms are the main area of concern, but other areas of homes would be inspected, and labour provided at no cost.

"There can be quite a few things that can be hazardous. And, we are hoping that we can prevent a serious injury, by installing the appropriate safety measures."

The "Retired Trades People Association of Merritt" is accepting clients, and Scandrock is also looking for additional volunteers.

For more information call Scandrock at 250-315-7748.


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Janet Austin.png
Successor to lieutenant-governor Judith Guichon announced.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making it official this morning that Janet Austin will replace Guichon, who has had the job since 2012.
The Nicola Valley cattle rancher will remain lieutenant-governor until the installation of Austin in the coming weeks.
"I am so pleased to welcome Janet Austin as the next lieutenant-governor of British Columbia. As someone who has dedicated her career to championing women's equality and social change, she is a wonderful choice to represent Her Majesty The Queen in this great province," 
Austin currently is the CEO of the YWCA Metro Vancouver, a job she's had for 15 years.
She was also the Executive Director of Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, and worked for BC Housing, in addition to serving on the Board of Directors of TransLink and the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.
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Nicola Lake School.png
The former Nicola Lake School remains on the market.
School District 58 secretary-treasurer Kevin Black says there has been some interest in the property at the south end of Nicola Lake, but after six-months, it is time the price was lowered.
"We are looking at a price reduction. Currently it sits at $450,000, and we have had a few offers. But we will be reducing it to $425,000, and hopefully it will attract a few more buyers come the spring."
The Nicola Lake School was closed in the 1980s.
Once sold, Black says the school district will receive 100% of the sale, but the funds will be split; 75% will go into a restricted fund, and the remaining 25% into a local capital fund.
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