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The BC Lung Association is set to send out it's annual Christmas Seal Campaign packages.

Association Director Richie Gage of Merritt says it's a mail-in fundraiser where people are asked to return their donations to Vancouver, but a substantial amount is returned from there to Merritt.

Gage says he's hoping people will get their donations in before Christmas, but adds that the campaign accepts donations until the end of January.

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Tolko Industries has found success with two major lumber contracts with China National Building Materials.

Okanagan Coquihalla M-P Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, says that trade with China continues to grow on all wood products.

Day says finished wood products have seen very encouraging growth.

And adds that some of the wood affected by the pine beetle is also being shipped to China in significant quantities.

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The annual Poppy Campaign got underway in Merritt on Friday. Marguerite Kempin, Vice President of the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 96, in Merritt says the campaign will continue right through until November 11. Kempin says all the funds raised goes to veterans' aid and there are very strict rules as to how the money can be used.
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While some areas of the province are reeling after Halloween festivities turned ugly, people in the Nicola Valley seem to have conducted themselves in a safe and orderly manner. Other than the usual bouts of vandalism and minor mischief, it was a good Halloween night last night. Some residents did report a few more trick or treaters than in recent years, possibly due to warmer weather.
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While the Fire Department and a few other Merritt organizations are on side for the annual food drive this month, help is still needed in a big way. Food Bank Manager Karen Flick says obviously it's important that people donate what they can November 13, but equally important is the need for volunteers. The Food Drive starts at 8:30am on Saturday, November 13.
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