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While the line up hasn't yet been announced for the next Mountainfest, a lot is being done to make next year's event a success.

Claude Lelievre, the head of Active Mountain Entertainment, says the city of Merritt will benefit more by a reduction in the number of vendors and a shifting of the focus for scheduling events during the day.

Tickets for the eighteenth Mountainfest go on sale November 15.

The 2011 Festival takes place July 7-11.

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The Chairman of the Board of Trustees in School District 58, Nicola-Similkameen is waiting to see what kind of an impact the appointment of George Abbott as Education Minister will have a positive impact on school districts in BC.

Gordon Comeau says he doesn't know a lot about the minister, yet.

Abbott became Education Minister last week with Premier Campbell's cabinet shuffle.

He replaces Margaret McDiarmid.

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While the concerns of an increasing criminal element in most BC Communities, Merritt is being told to keep fending it off.

Merritt Mayor Susan Roline says people have to show they won't tolerate what's happening.

Roline says as long as people continue with that focus, it will make an impact.

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The number of bear sightings this Fall has been a lot higher this year than most in the Nicola Valley.

Conservation Officer Paul Pike says the number of complaints is up for a variety of reasons.

Pike says the majority of the complaints have been since September.

He says there are still bears around, but most of them will soon be in hibernation.

Aproximately a dozen bears have had to be euthanized in Merritt this year.

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The BC Lung Association is set to send out it's annual Christmas Seal Campaign packages.

Association Director Richie Gage of Merritt says it's a mail-in fundraiser where people are asked to return their donations to Vancouver, but a substantial amount is returned from there to Merritt.

Gage says he's hoping people will get their donations in before Christmas, but adds that the campaign accepts donations until the end of January.

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