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School District 58 working to put vaping policy in place.
Looking to lower the number of students vaping or smoking this year, Superintendent Stephen McNiven says a policy is under development, which will eliminate the ability for students, or staff to even bring vape kits onto school property.
"We want to decrease the number of students participating in any tobacco or vaping use. And, we're going to be talking to administrators about how we can make it practical and make it work at the school level." 
Under the current School District 58 policy, smoking, or any other use of tobacco is not permitted on school grounds or any other school property.
However, the policy does not address vaping. 
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Merritt RCMP educating the public about the dangers of riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.
It's an all too familiar sight in the city, and Merritt RCMP Sgt Norm Fleming says to break the habit officers will now be targeting those that continue to disregard the safety of others using the sidewalk.
"Sidewalks are for pedestrians. It's not that common, but every now and then somebody exits a store and they get hit by the bike. There is no excuse, it's not safe, and we are trying to get the message out."
Fleming says officers will first be issuing warnings, and if a person continues to disobey the law, tickets will be issued.
Officers will also be making sure those riding bicycles are wearing a helmet.
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Experienced group of trustees to serve another four-years in School District 58.

Six of the seven school trustees have been acclaimed.

In Merritt, BCSTA President Gordon Swan and three-term trustee Brian Jepsen are back, and are joined by NVIT Dean Jon Chenoweth, while the three trustees from the Princeton Area, Gordon Comeau, Dave Rainer and Leah Ward will all return after receiving no challenges.

Superintendent Stephen McNiven believes it sets the district up for continued success.

"They are experienced, and knowledgeable across the board. They value education and put in the work to continue to help us move forward."

Meanwhile, in TNRD Area M and N there will be a race, where Incumbent Gerry Ellingsen is up against Everett Hoisington.

The Municipal Election is scheduled for Oct 20th.


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Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society eyeing provincial infrastructure grant.
Director Kurt Christopherson says still unclear if the society would be able to access the funding through the Community, Culture and Recreation fund announced earlier this month at the annual UBCM convention.
The $50-million grant is providing funding for projects that upgrade and build sports facilities, trails, local community centres and spaces for arts and culture. 
"Not sure whether the city would apply for it, if they approve the plan to attach it to the Civic Centre. Because we also pledged to them that we will continue with fundraising, but they might have better luck getting the grant, than we do as a private society."
With efforts to get a downtown theatre complex stalled, the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society has developed a new plan which would see them partnering with the City of Merritt to construct a preforming arts centre at Civic Plaza.
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The National Energy Board has less than six-months to redo its environmental review of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The federal cabinet has ordered the National Energy Board to return with a new recommendation within 22 weeks on whether the pipeline expansion should proceed after taking a look at the environmental impact of having more than three dozen oil tankers shipping diluted bitumen through the Burrard Inlet every month.

The Federal Court of Appeal last month quashed the approval the NEB and the cabinet gave the project in 2016, citing improper consultation with Indigenous communities and a lack of review of the marine shipping issue.

Several Indigenous communities, environment groups and the BC government are concerned about the higher risk of oil spills if an expanded pipeline increases oil tanker traffic from five per month to 35.


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