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Those travelling through Merritt continue to stop at Exit 286, despite the visitor centre closing back in January.
Mayor Neil Menard says there was a steady stream of vehicles stopped there again over the long weekend.
"We need to put something up there with neon fleshing lights telling people it's not a place to stop. I went there a number of times over the weekend. The first time I went there, there was only two vehicles, and I thought oh boy finally. But, the last time I was there I counted twenty something vehicles there, parked both sides, and up the road." 
The Exit 286 Visitor Centre was closed by the province back in January after almost 30-years.
With no washrooms or garbage cans on site, Menard says it's important the city find a way to break people's routine.
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Outflows from Nicola Lake to remain high into next week.
The lake has peaked and decreasing at a current rate of 5cm a day, but flood safety engineer at the Nicola Lake dam Sarah Simon says levels are still well above normal.
"We are still about three-quarters of a metre higher than we are supposed to be. So, we do have quite a way to go in the lake, and downstream before everyone can get back to being comfortable."
Outflows are currently measured at 67 cubic metres per second, but Simon hopes to drop them further this weekend, but it won;t be enough for the roughly 100 displaced residents in the City of Merritt to return to their homes.
"If inflows keep dropping at the rate they are dropping at, we can maybe get into the 50 zone in a week, or a week and a half. It's kind of hard tough to predict that far out though, especially if we were to see a rain storm."
When comparing this spring to last, Simon says Nicola Lake saw more water in the front and backend of the freshet, and at greater rate of speed, with inflows topping out at 110 cubic metres per second.
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No incidents of note in the Merritt Fire Zone over the long weekend.

Kamloops Fire Centre information officer Marla Catherall says they received no reports of wildfires, nor did they receive word of any abandoned campfires.

"I guess you could say at least for one weekend people got the message. So, we are thanking people that were out in the backcountry for being responsible with their campfires, cigarette butts, and off-road vehicles."

The news isn't all good though as Catherill confirms The Fire Danger Rating in the Merritt Fire Zone has been upgraded to HIGH.


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Coldwater (1).png

BC River Forecast Centre not expecting the Coldwater River to rise much further.

Director Dave Campbell says the river that runs through Merritt is still vulnerable to precipitation, but for the most part the snowpack that feeds into it has melted.

"We really have seen the snowpack diminish in the past week. And, we're not anticipating any significant rises because of the heat this week, because of that depleted snowpack."

The Coldwater River is unregulated, and for that reason Campbell says they have been keeping close tabs on it in recent weeks.


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trans mountain pipeline.jpg

Suit filed against Alberta's new law allowing gas supply to BC to be cut off.

In announcing the latest move today, Attorney General David Eby says it's possible there could be more.

"We're prepared to file an injunction to stop Alberta from using this unconstitutional law if we need to do that. And the government is looking for alternate sources of refined products to ensure that harm to British Columbia is minimized if Alberta attempts to use this and we are unsuccessful with an injunction application."

Eby says details on that contingency plan will stay under wraps until, and unless they need to put it into action.

The Alberta bill passed last week, that claims BC is responsible for delays for the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, is on that province's books but requires additional steps to enact.


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