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Yellow Vest Canada movement getting support in Merritt.
Six people gathered along Voght St Saturday to criticize the tax and immigration policies of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government.
Greg Vanosch was one of them and says their protest will remain peaceful.
"Basically, we need government reform for the betterment of all of Canada. And, that's what this is all about."
Originally starting in France, yellow vest protests have moved to Canada, with numerous taking place across the country on Saturday calling for the Prime Minister to be arrested for treason.
Vanosch plans to be back out in front of the Merritt RCMP detachment protesting again today.
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The Mayor of the City of Merritt is wanting capital projects included in next year's budget to be completed, or not listed at all.
While items that are still needing grant funding will remain, Linda Brown wants to see projects that are funded be completed on time, and on budget.
"The problem I have is when we overbudget in my mind the number of capital projects that we need to do or anticipate doing. Through whatever reasoning, whether it's we don't have capacity, or are overloaded, or just don't get to them, these projects keep getting rolled over and at times take years to complete."
She says it took three years to finish, which added to the total cost of the project that was finally completed earlier this fall.
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Potential strike still looming at Aspen Planers.

United Steelworkers Union Local 1-417 President Marty Gibbons says the workers employed by the local sawmill, and 3,000 forestry workers in the region are in a legal position for a work stoppage.

The Interior Forest Relations Board met some of the unions demands last month, but with talks stalled again Gibbons says a strike could happen at anytime.

"The one thing about rotating strikes is there are always so much more enjoyable for the employer when they are a surprise. So, at this point in time we are in a legal strike position. And, our membership is pretty angry, so I can't guarantee there is not going to be a strike."

The last contract for workers at Aspen Planers and other forestry workers in Local 1-417 expired July 1st.

Union members around the region have staged rotating strikes this month to show their displeasure.


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The Nicola Nordic Ski Club is holding out hope that the Kane Valley trails will be open over the holidays.
A mild, wet winter has kept the cross-country ski trails east of Merritt from opening yet.
But Director Kate Anderson says the 50-km network of groomed cross-country skiing trails still could open in time for the Christmas holidays.
"Generally, by Christmas time everything is going. We generally have enough snow by then and can start grooming. But, that's up to Mother Nature."
In partnership with the Ministry of Forests, the Nicola Nordic Ski Club has been maintaining the Kane Valley cross country ski trail system since 1991.
The trail conditions are updated daily over the winter at
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Influenza cases are on the rise as we approach the holiday season.

Dr Danuta Skowronski of the BC Centre for Disease Control says it's been pretty quiet up to this point, but there's always a heightened chance the virus could spread over the holiday season as people gather to celebrate with friends and family.

She's urging people to get their flu shot now, to protect themselves.

"We're anticipating further increases going into the holiday season, which means the virus is going to be ping-ponging across age groups as they're mixing during social gatherings."

H1N1 has been the dominant strain so far, different from last year, when H3N2 was dominating, which Skowronski says targets the elderly mostly.


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