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Kinder Morgan taking back request to install mats to deter fish spawning.
According to officials with the company, it's too late.
The National Energy Board had told the company's subsidiary Trans Mountain to stop installing the mats, but lawyers for the company re-filed its request claiming that without the mats, construction of the $7.4 billion pipeline expansion project would be delayed by a year.
But now, the company's lawyer has written to the NEB saying the window for safely and effectively installing the mats has passed and the company is withdrawing the request.
First Nations, environmentalists and the BC government are all currently challenging federal approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in the Federal Court of Appeal, stating the expansion could have serious implications for the environment.
Arguments are expected to wrap up this week.
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Wild Salmon Caravan bringing their message to Merritt.
Members of the organization will be marching through Merritt today to show the importance of wild salmon, both to Indigenous communities, and the eco-system.
Its one of three demonstrations planned this week, with others taking place in Kamloops and Chase.
"Salmon is our most important Indigenous food, it's sacred, and very ceremonial. There is some beautiful traditions and protocol that we have learned and are hoping to highlight in doing this."
The Wild Salmon Caravan will be marching through Merritt between around 11am, with speeches, drumming and singing at the Nicola Tribal Association offices on Coutlee Ave scheduled at noon.
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Work on Coldwater Ave could stretch into the spring.
While the hope remains to have the repaving project completed before the snow falls, CAO Shawn Boven admits it might not be completed until 2018.
"The worst-case scenario is that it won't be paved until the spring. However, that's not a bad scenario, because it will give the road time to settle and any deficiencies can be identified as fixed right away."
The $2.8 million project to repave, and replace water and sewer lines on the portion of Coldwater Ave from Wilson to Voght St began at the end of July.
83% of the cost is being covered through provincial and federal funding.
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Final numbers from Merritt's emergency evacuation centre released.
"July 7th to September 12th, we processed 343 registrants."
The City of Merritt's Sheila Thiessen says evacuees from all over the interior fled to Merritt at least initially during BC's record breaking wildfire season.
"Williams Lake, Ashcroft, Clinton, 100 Mile... from all over. A lot of them were just on their way through to the lower mainland, and a number were just checking in before staying with family or friends in the area.
150 beds were made available at the Civic Centre on July 7th, but Thiessen says none were ever needed.
The city will be compensated for the use of the Civic Centre by Emergency Management BC, but Thiessen says the total cost has not yet been tabulated.
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Not having winter tires on area highways can be dangerous, not to mention costly.
Over 200 drivers were ticketed last year for driving on the Coquihalla highway without winter tires.
Over the holiday weekend, Merritt RCMP Cst Tracy Dunsmore says you can expect to see police again placing an emphasis on highway safety.
"If you're running with summer tires you face a fine. It's just not safe. Even now we are seeing some snow on area highways, so if you still have summer tires on its just going to cause problems on the highway, which could have serious ramifications."
Drivers without winter tires face a fine of $121, and those with tires that fail to meet the minimum tread depth of 3.5mm face a fine of $109.
Winter tires are required on the Coquihalla highway, Okanagan Connector, and Hwy 5A from Oct 1st to March 31st.
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