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TNRD making sure residents understand the new Solid Waste Management plan has nothing to do with biosolids.

Environmental Services manager Jamie Viera says he understands they are a sensitive subject in the Merritt-area, but biosolids are not considered municipal solid waste, despite the belief of many at Tuesday's public consultation.

"We do not have any authority to regulate land application, or biosolids. But, the group refused to listen that we were talking about municipal solid waste, and not sewage sludge or biosolids, which are completely different."

Viera also makes it clear, Sperling Hansen & Associates were awarded the contract to consult on the new Regional Solid Waste Management plan through a competitive public tender process adhering to the TNRD's purchasing policy. 

And, that claims made by the Friends of the Nicola Valley that the company continues to spread biosolids at Ray Creek Ranch, are false.


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Scientists are recommending that the federal government add sockeye salmon to Canada's list of at-risk species after an assessment found a sharp decline in the animal's presence in the Fraser River.
The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada issued a release this week saying 2016 had the lowest number of salmon returning to the Fraser River since record keeping began in 1893.
Scientists on the committee recommended eight sockeye populations in the river be labelled as endangered, two as threatened and five as being of ``special concern,'' meaning they could become threatened or endangered.
Nine other populations were found to be stable or increasing. 
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Cost savings surrounding solid waste lowering property taxes in the TNRD.
"The last solid waste management plan was geared towards reducing the cost of the service. We have been working away at that for 10-years. And, now we are able to translate those saving to tax payers."
Finance director Doug Rae says the roughly $350,000 savings will lead to a property tax decrease in all areas but Kamloops next year.
"For the City of Merritt, we are looking at a reduction of about $5.50, which is roughly 2.25%. And for Area M and N, the area surrounding Merritt, it's between $4.50, and $5." 
Rae says the savings are based on projections, and could change slightly before the TNRD's 2018 budget is finalized in the spring.
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RCMP yet to make any arrests as rash of break and enters in Merritt continues.
Since August, there has been a considerable uptick in break and enters in the Merritt area, and Cst Tracy Dunsmore says several more were reported this weekend.
No arrests have been made to date, despite police identifying local suspects.
"We haven't received any additional information of late. Nobody has been charged, nobody arrested, and we haven't recovered any stolen property lately to lay any charges."
Dunsmore continues to ask the public to be vigilant, and report anyone, or anything suspicious to Merritt RCMP or Crime Stoppers.
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Floodwatch Coldwater.png
BC River Forecast Centre not expecting to have to issue another Flood Watch for the Coldwater River this winter.
Director Dave Campbell says the high flows that lead to the warning back on November 24th were a one-off.
The system we had in late November was unusual. The Pineapple Express system doesn't usually push across the coastal mountains, and into the Coldwater River drainage. But, that happened, and we got some early season snowmelt, which lead to substantially more runoff than is typical. With temperatures coming down, the chances of this happening again go down as we get closer to winter." 
A Flood Watch is issued when flows are rising and will approach or may exceed bankfull, and there is the possibility of flooding of areas adjacent to affected rivers.
Back on Nov 24th, flows reached as high as 55 cubic metres per second, which Campbell says is well above the norm for this time of year.
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