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City of Merritt proceeding with signs at Exit 290 to prevent over sized trucks from entering city limits.
At present, drivers travelling on Hwy 5 entering Merritt from both directions at Exit 290 don't see the sign not to enter city limits, until they are past the point of turning around.
CAO Shawn Boven says he has received word from the Ministry of Transportation confirming it's a municipal matter.
"There is nothing regulatory they can post. So, I'll contact them and see what we can post, that is advisory in nature. It's will likely be a sign that's yellow with black letters, advising not to turn."
Since the truck stop on Hwy 5A went into receivership earlier this year, the City of Merritt has seen an increase in truck traffic on both De Wolf Way and River Ranch Rd.
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School District 58 looking to create single attendance policy.

As it sits, superintendent Stephen McNiven says schools in the district each operate under different policies.

"Priority number one is that students don’t fall through the cracks. Perhaps stating in policy that there is a period of time where a check-in is done. Every student, and situation is different, and sometimes attendance is a symptom of something else. So, it's hard to put it all in policy, but from a district perspective, we want to make sure we are checking on kids when attendance becomes a problem."

Under the current Local Education Agreement, McNiven says parents are not required to be notified until their child has missed 15 days.


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Angel's Animal Rescue hoping new initiative will help control the local dog population.
The new program launched this month by the Merritt rescue encourages pet owners to surrender unwanted puppies, rather than just abandoning them, or pawning them off on strangers.
"We'll give them the medical care they need, we'll give them their shots, and we'll get them adopted, and into nice homes."
Director Natalie McPhate says the mother dog will also be spayed at no cost to the owner. 
"Then they won't have the problem of unwanted dogs, or having to cull them any more."
Although costly, McPhate says the shelter also vaccinates, tattoos and microchips the mother dog during the surgery.
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BC launching Indigenous cancer strategy to increase survival rates.

It's a partnership involving the Health Ministry and five agencies, three of which are led by Indigenous communities.

Annette Morgan, president of the B-C Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, says systemic racism has kept people from accessing health care and that has delayed diagnosis and care.

Morgan says an Indigenous cancer strategy must be a "two-way street."

"Yes, we need to increase Indigenous cancer screenings. And, just as importantly we need the healthcare system accessible to us, and accountable to us, for providing culturally safe services. Healthcare workers have a responsibility to change their behaviour, to make services safe for us, so we are not avoiding healthcare services all together."

BC joins Ontario as the second jurisdiction in Canada with an Indigenous cancer care strategy.


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Rules that prohibit tobacco smokers from smoking at or near public spaces could end up applying to cannabis users when marijuana become legal next year. 
BC Premier John Horgan says the government is still formulating its cannabis use policy, but people with concerns about second-hand marijuana smoke are making their views known.
"I think through the great smoke-ins in Vancouver on the 20th of April every year, when you've got tens of thousands of people lighting joints at the same time, that's a significant health issue for sure." 
Horgan says other people have told the government they look forward to smoking pot in community areas.
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