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Yesterday the BC Review Board granted escorted daypasses to Allan Schoenborn from his psychiatric facility in Coquitlam.

Spokesperon for the Mother of the three murdered Children, Dave Tiexeira says the news is disappointing and that he's worried for the safety of Darcie Clark and others given Schoenborns past.

"When he committed the murders almost 10 years ago, he spent 10 days hiding out from police, evading police in the woods, so there is concern that he could escape and stay away and there's also concern that he could harm Darcie and then there's just the concern that he could harm other folks in the community."

Earlier this summer, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled against designating Schoenborn as a high-risk accused.

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Merritt Mountain Bike Enthusiasts and visitors will have an epic reason to visit local back country trails.

Local riders Travis Fehr and Darch Oborne have completed mapping the Epic 150 trail that will connect 4 of the most popular mountain trail areas.

Fehr says that the accessibility and the challenge is what will entice riders.

"What it will do is showcase some of the best of Merritt's trails, and make them all accessible right from town, right from Rotary Park."

The trail is 120 kilometres long at an elevation just over 3500 metres.

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New Report suggests Indiginous youth almost twice as likely as non-Indeginous youth to die accidentally.

The B-C Coroners Service and First Nations Health Authority released a report on Wednesday looking at accidental deaths over a five-year period.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the FNHA Shannon Macdonald says that they are working closely with local health directors to make sure local bands have the support they need.

"Reducing barriers and increasing access to services, and that would consider including making access to services low barrier. The first door is the right door and access and referrals can be made [from there]."

Among recommendations in the report were increasing connectedness, reducing barriers, increasing cultural safety, and eliciting feedback from communities.

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National Addiction Awareness Week coming to a close tomorrow.

This year the theme is "Words Matter" and the goal is to reduce the stigma, and negative attitudes around addiction.

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions Judy Darcy says the goal is to bring the quality of care for individuals suffering from Addictions up.

"We need to get to a place that people that are living with addictions are afforded the same dignity, and the same respect, and the same quality of care as people who are living with any other kind of illness, but it's critical to reduce the stigma in order to get to that place."

She adds that addiction doesn't just come in the form of drugs and alcohol, and can include gambling, shopping, food, and work.

Locally the Conayt Friendship Society held a march, meeting, and brunch yesterday.

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Mock search planned for members of the Nicola Valley Search and Rescue Association this weekend.

Manager Lynne Broekhuizen says members will not be given their instructions until tomorrow morning, to make the scenario as close to a real call as possible.

"We'll give people the basics of the missing person or the injured person and where they're going to marshal and we'll proceed from there."

Last winter, the Nicola Valley Search and Rescue Association responded to eight calls for service.

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