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Highland Valley Copper mine and the United Steelworkers union could resume contract negotiations at the end of next month.

USW Local 7619 president Kyle Wolfe says the union has asked Teck Resoruces to get back to the table June 30th with Mediator Vince Reddy.

Wolfe says a strike vote has not been ruled out as they are not prepared to give up contract language, which took years to achieve.

"When we get back to the table we have a position for the company. We're going to have to wait for their response, and there's going to be a series of events. That should happen at the end of June. It's something we don;t want to see or do, but if the company wants to continue to make their billions of dollars off our backs, then they are going to have to pay for it."

The current contract for workers at the mine expired at the end of September.

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