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Flow from Nicola Dam to remain high.

Flood safety engineer at the Nicola Dam Jeptha Ball confirms the flow will remain at 52 cubic metres per second, which should keep level of the Nicola River through the City of Merritt from getting much worse.

"We're trying to maintain the flow through Merritt. If we can get a buffer in the lake we can then capture some of the expected additional flow. It may not capture all of it, but we will try to capture as much as we can."

Ball is expecting the Nicola Lake to peak in the coming days.

"According to the latest data it's close to peaking. Now there was some rain yesterday, and the temperature has warmed up, and is expected to get even hotter. So that may bring the lake levels up a bit further still."

Ball also adds that with the long weekend coming up, should anyone choose to go out boating on Nicola Lake, to be aware of debris that has washed into the lake recently.

Meanwhile, a 'flood watch' remains in effect for rivers and streams within the Nicola Valley.

And, a Local State of Emergency has been now been declared by the TNRD for both Nicola Valley North and South.

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