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Fortis BC using Earth Day to encourage homeowners to take steps to lessen their impact on the environment.

Communications advisor Nicole Bogdanovic says reducing the energy used in homes can help reduce emissions and lessen the need to build more generation facilities in the province or import energy from facilities out of the province.

"The majority of energy used in homes is from space-heating, and secondly the heating of water. So, anything we can do in our homes to limit use in those areas will go a long way."

To prevent heat escaping, Bogdanovic suggests you can upgrade weather stripping around doors and windows, install a programmable thermostat, and ensure your home is insulated from the crawlspace right up to the attic.

As for being mindful of hot water use, she says you can install energy-efficient faucets and shower heads, insulate exposed hot water pipes, and wash laundry in cold water.

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