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Upper Nicola Band chief and council positions decided by a single vote.

Elections officer Bernard Manuel Jr confirming that incumbent Harvey McLeod was re-elected chief of the Upper Nicola Band over the weekend, defeating past chief Danny Manuel by a single ballot, 101 to 100.

"At this point, there will be no re-count. We had three official scorers counting the ballots. And, all three came to the exact same total."

As for council, new comer Clarine Paul was elected, along with incumbents Brian Holmes, David L Lindley, Dennis MacDonald, and Wallace Michel, who garnered just a single vote more than Kevin Ned.

"We had a total of 282 voters participate, but there were two spoiled ballots. When you look back at 2014, we had 248, so 34 more votes were cast this year."

Manuel Jr says those elected now have 72-hours to confirm their appointment.

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