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Interior Health downgrading a health alert issued following a train derailment last month that spilled coal into the Thompson River near Ashcroft.

Medical health officer Dr Kamran Golmohammadi says a 'Do Not Consume' order in place since Jan 12th has been replaced with a 'Water Quality Advisory'.

He confirms test results collected at the spill site show no detectable levels of seven chemicals used in the processing of metallurgical coal.

Those tests were conducted. The chemicals were undetectable, meaning that to the level that the sensitivity of the test is that it's less than ten parts per million. They are not necessarily mean they are non-existent, just that they are within acceptable levels."

This 'Water Quality Advisory' will remain in effect until all environmental cleaning efforts are completed.

This requires either safe removal of all the spilled coal from the incident site or a determination that the remaining coal at the spill site poses no risk.

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