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All evacuation orders now rescinded by the Lower Nicola Indian Band.

Communications coordinator Ruth Tolerton confirming that members living along Fyall Rd were given the green light to return to their homes, after being evacuated due to the flooding of Guichon Creek.

"When the creek flooded earlier this month, the water initial came up a flooded the area. We probably lost about an acre of land there that went under water. And, with the rushing water, and all the debris that was being washed down, we were concerned for the safety of residents and their homes."

Five homes were affected by the evacuation order issued for members on Fyall Rd May 8th.

Tolerton confirms that heavy machinery continues to work to prevent further flooding of Guichon Creek.

More evacuation orders issued by Upper Nicola Band.

EOC Spokesperson Cindy Tom-Lindley confirms evacuation orders were issued last night for another home and 4 RV parks, because the flooding continues to affect septic tanks, which is creating health issues.

"In the home, there are three people. And we aren't sure about the RV parks, because they are individually run businesses."

Tom-Lindley says 60 members, from 21 homes and 4 RV parks are now under an evacuation order.

And, it will likely be weeks before they are able to return to their homes.

"We won't be able to rescind evacuation orders for a minimum of two-weeks after the flooding is over because it's a septic tank issue. So, Health Canada has to provide the clearance."

As of today, Tom-Lindley confirms Emergency Social Services (ESS) is providing emergency shelter and food for 51 of the evacuees.

Film being shot in the Merritt area looking for actors.

'Indian Road Trip' producer Mise'l Abram says they have an opportunity for six First Nations girls between the ages of 15 and 20 tomorrow, and three First Nations boys and girls between the ages of seven and 12 June 1st.

The feature film is being shot throughout the Merritt area May 24th to June 4th.

"We're shooting on the Nooaitch reserve, along highway 8 from Merritt to Spences Bridge, on Glimpse Lake Rd, and Glimpse Lake, and also on the Upper Nicola Band Reserve."

'Indian Road Trip' is a story about two restless and unruly young Native men who are forced to drive a cranky elder across the reserve so she can make peace with her dying sister.

Those interested in auditioning for roles mentioned are asked to call 250-378-2190.


Couple of Merritt Councillors looking to address pigeon issues.

Both Kurt Christopherson and Deanna Norgaard making notices of motions concerning the pesky birds at Tuesday's regular meeting.

Christopherson wants firm rules for those who keep them as pets.

"My motion reads, within city limits is unlawful to maintain a colony of more than six pigeons. Or to keep feed, or otherwise attract birds or other wild animals on, or to a property, such that they cause property nuisance to another property."

And, Norgaard just wants them gone.

"My motion is asking staff to investigate the use of predator birds to get rid of the colony of pigeons that are causing problems in the community."

Both notice of motions will go before Mayor and Councillor to decide whether administration should pursue either request at the next regular meeting of council June 13th.


Number of false emergency 9-1-1 calls down to the Merritt RCMP detachment, but still creating issues.

52 of the 71 emergency calls to the Merritt RCMP detachment from January 1st to March 31st were false.

While it seems crazy, at 72% S/Sgt Sheila White says it's a huge improvement.

"Some can’t be helped. For example, a pocket dial, or a cell phone that pings off a tower. It's very difficult sometimes finding the location of the person, or getting them back on the phone, and it still is wasting valuable time to investigate these calls."

White says the most important thing you can do is not hang up on the operator, stating is you mistakenly dial 9-1-1, steps still need to be taken to prove the call is false.

To hammer that message home even further, she says signage is being developed and will be placed around the area to make sure people get the message.


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