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The BC Teachers' Federation says school districts around the province can expect funds to flow in by the end of the month to restore class size and composition.

While a final amount won't be known until September, districts are giving the government their best estimates.

"The province is going to give school districts an initial amount of money based on the restores language. At the end of the day, you don't actually know which kids are going to show up in September, families move and make different decisions. There will have to be a re-adjustment. But in the next couple weeks, we can expect school districts and the province reconciling some of their numbers and some money flowing based on those initial calculations."

Hansman says the amount of the initial funds is still up in the air, and will vary from district to district.

The province has put aside up to $320 million for the deal.

Merritt councillor encouraging the singing of “O Canada” to start public events as a sign of respect for Canada's sesquicentennial.

"My Canada 150 commitment is to encourage us all to find ways to let the world know that Canada is a beacon of hope in troubled times. And, that we are proud to be Canadian."

An emotional Kurt Christopherson making the request at Tuesday's regular meeting of council, drawing inspiration from the words of the late Ty Pozzobon.

"As Canadians, we love our country, but we don't always show it in public. And a friend of mine brought this to my attention. Her grandson did a lot of travelling in his career. And he noticed that we don't tend to sing our national anthem at public events as often as they do in other countries. Wherever he went, he never ceased to let people know he was proud to be a Canadian, that he was from BC, and that Merritt was his hometown. O Canada meant something special to him. That grandma I mentioned is Carole Lowe. And of course, I'm talking about Ty Pozzobon."

Christopherson is chairing the committee planning events to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in Merritt.

The group is helping to facilitate as many as 500 events throughout the area to mark the sesquicentennial.


BC's Health Minister says he's aware some people are mixing life saving naloxone with the drugs they are using.

Terry Lake has spoken to BC's Medical Health Officer about this dangerous practise.

"It's a phenomenon that is likely occurring. Drug users are mixing drugs together with the hopes of getting high, and not overdosing."

Lake says he's concerned this is providing people a false sense of security.

But, he says, there is little they can do to prevent this other than continue to educate those using drugs of the dangers involved.

Suspicious death of a great horned owl and four red-tailed hawks at a Quilchena Ave residence caused by emaciation.

Local conservation officer Joe Garry says tests done showed that the extreme cold, and lack of food were the cause of death for the five birds found deceased in the same proximity back in January.

"I got the report back from the Abbotsford Health Centre. The hawks were all emaciated, due to the cold weather we were experiencing at the time. The owl was also emaciated, but also had trauma to it's thorax and its lungs. So, it was likely struck by a vehicle and then was unable to feed."

Garry also says another investigation is underway after several robins were found deceased this week at the bus stop located at Garcia St and Coldwater Ave.

"I'll be sending them down to Abbotsford as well to determine a cause of death. My first thought is that they had eaten fermented fruit nearby, and in an intoxicated state flew into the bus stop, but that's just an initial guess."

Garry hopes to have the results of that investigation sometime next week.


First meeting of the newly established Merritt healthcare committee set for today.

Leading the charge to create the committee, Councillor Kurt Christopherson says the goal will be to see what can be done to both keep services already in place in the community, as well as potentially adding a few others.

"The last ten or so years everything has started to be centralized in the bigger cities. The services that used to be in the local hospital are not available, and residents are now needing to head over to Kamloops or Kelowna. It's been a slow creep, and it's about time we looked at it. We want Merritt to be a livable community to attractive to people coming here, and one of the first things they look at when considering a move is what's available health-wise."

The committee is currently made up of 10 people, including representatives from the City of Merritt, Interior Health, the TNRD, and as well as area healthcare workers.

Merritt currently has 6 full-time doctors, and adding at least two more is a priority for the committee.

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