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City of Merritt's considering charging for the use of it's electric car chargers.

Now, CAO Shawn Boven confirms there is only a fee at one of the five city charging stations.

"There is a fee for the fast charging station at the Baillie House. But for the other slow charging stations, there is not."

The motion to charge at all stations moving forward, will now be presented to the Policy Review Committee for consideration.

Syrian refugee family being sponsored by the Rotary Club of Merritt yet to have application processed.

Spokesperson Linda Brown says the Al Bazazi family application is in line for processing but as of the end of March IRCC were processing applications received in April 2016.

Since the application was received last October, it likely won't be processed until September.

"That's the system. So, it's not anything to do with the application. It just the process."

For the time being fundraising efforts have been halted, as the Rotary Club of Merritt awaits the results of the application.

The cost to bring the family of four to Merritt through private sponsorship is around $28,000.

New operational plan improving fiscal efficiency for Community Futures Nicola Valley.

Board Chair Tom Reynolds says three coordinators are now at the helm, after they were forced eliminate the organizations paid general manager position back in 2016.

"Like many organizations we hit the wall with financing. We haven’t had an increase in our funding from Western Diversification for eight-years. And we came to the point where we had absolutely no money left to do any programs, or get anything done in the community.

Moving forward Manuel Olguin will serve as business development officer, Fran Delaney as financial services coordinator and Mae Ketter, community economic development coordinator.

Last year, Community Futures Nicola Valley issued $510,037 in loans to area small businesses, which directly lead to 35 jobs, 28 of which are full-time.


The lawyer for murderer Allan Schoenborn doesn't believe his client fits the definition of a high-risk accused

Rishi Gill told a BC Supreme Court judge today that Schoenborn's mental-health treatment still has a long way to go and he is dealing with serious anger issues, but that doesn't put him in the high-risk category.

Crown Council is seeking a high-risk designation for Schoenborn, which would extend his annual review hearings to once every three years, and severely limit his outings into the community.

Proceedings in the high-risk accused hearing are expected to wrap up this week, and arguments around whether the designation complies with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are expected to begin June 26th.

Big changes for cellphone customers.

As of December 1st, The CRTC says cellphone companies won't be allowed to charge customers to unlock their devices and unsatisfied customers will be able to cancel contracts within 15 days, with some conditions.

There's also good news for parents, as only the wireless account holder on family or shared plans can approve overage and roaming charges, unless others on the plan have express authorization.

The changes come six months after the regulator heard from consumer groups, who said some cellphone companies were violating Canada's wireless code, either passively or actively, and called for the rules to be tightened and enforced.

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