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Upper Nicola Band issuing evacuation order for another seven homes last night.

The latest order affects 18 people.

Chief Harvey McLeod says the rising flood waters have lead to health concerns for those members.

"Our environmental health officer was going around checking septic tanks, and because of the high water table the tanks for those residents were either full, or just about full. So, for safety reasons we issued the order."

It's the second evacuation order issued by the band in recent weeks, after the rapid melting of area snowpacks and resulting backflow from Nicola Lake lead to extensive flooding in the Quilchena area.

58 Upper Nicola Band members have been displaced by evacuation orders, and another 102 band members remain on evacuation alert.


TNRD asking boaters to take it easy on the throttle if out on Nicola Lake.

Area 'M' director Randy Murray says with the lake at capacity for the foreseeable future, excessive boat wake can lead to further bank erosion, increased debris, sandbag collapse, and ultimately property damage.

"Just trying to make people aware that wake form boats can cause extensive damage. And if the lake is up for a prolonged time, it's time to start taking that into consideration."

Murray says efforts continue to get as much water out of Nicola Lake, with as minimal impact downstream as possible.

"We still have about 70 cubic metres coming in, and 44 cubic metres of water going out according to the report earlier today. It rose another 4cm overnight."

While overnight rain and increased flow from the Nicola Dam lead to further flooding in Merritt this morning, Murray says there were no additional reports of flooding in both Lower and Upper Nicola, calling it 'status quo', with all evacuation orders and alerts remaining in effect this afternoon.


Flooding on Garcia St leading to evacuation order for residents of Nicola Meadows.

Merritt Mayor Neil Menard says residents of the seniors home given the evacuation order earlier today, after flooding on Garcia St hindered the ability for emergency services personnel to access the facility.

"We have requested an evacuation from Nicola Meadows. We have transported all of the palliative care folks out of there, I believe into Kamloops. Some folks have chosen to stay and others are just around town staying with relatives. No flooding but it is almost impossible for ambulances and what not to get in there in an emergency. Other than that, everything looks okay."

Menard confirms that 13 residents were taken to Kamloops.

No other evacuation alerts were issued today, and at this point no homes are in any danger from the seepage from the Nicola River, which Menard confirms was caused by both overnight precipitation, and the Nicola Dam letting more water out, to relieve pressures at Nicola Lake.

Overnight rain not leading to further flooding for either the Upper Nicola or Lower Nicola Indian Bands.

Upper Nicola Chief Harvey McLeod says it's status quo this morning, as efforts continue to prevent further backflow from Nicola Lake.

"The focus is preventing further flooding in and around Quilchena, and we have scheduled a band meeting to discuss issues relating to all the flooding for Thursday at 5pm, at the Quilchena Church."

In Lower Nicola, information officer Ruth Tolerton says work continues to help stabilize Guichon Creek.

"We are continuing to do riprap work along the border of the creek, in order to prevent further flooding of the area, where we still have an evacuation order for five properties on Fyall Road."

Meanwhile, all other evacuation orders and alerts, remain in effect this morning for both the Upper Nicola and Lower Nicola Indian bands.

Overnight rain raising the water levels of the Nicola River within the City of Merritt... again.

Mayor Neil Menard confirming this morning that water levels are up again along the Nicola River near Lions Park, despite the efforts of city crews who have been working since last night.

"Crews were out yesterday, because we were told the (Nicola) dam was going to be opening up. And, our crews are out gain this morning, doing some more sandbagging, and we've brought in more sand. We're trying to stay ahead of it."

Seepage from the river has again flooded the north end of Garcia St this morning, and along Voght St near Lions Park.

Menard does note that the effort of volunteers last week to sandbag areas prone to flooding, is helping the situation this morning.

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