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Fortis BC using Earth Day to encourage homeowners to take steps to lessen their impact on the environment.

Communications advisor Nicole Bogdanovic says reducing the energy used in homes can help reduce emissions and lessen the need to build more generation facilities in the province or import energy from facilities out of the province.

"The majority of energy used in homes is from space-heating, and secondly the heating of water. So, anything we can do in our homes to limit use in those areas will go a long way."

To prevent heat escaping, Bogdanovic suggests you can upgrade weather stripping around doors and windows, install a programmable thermostat, and ensure your home is insulated from the crawlspace right up to the attic.

As for being mindful of hot water use, she says you can install energy-efficient faucets and shower heads, insulate exposed hot water pipes, and wash laundry in cold water.

Dead birds found at Merritt bus stop weren't poisoned.

BC Conservation Officer Joe Garry says tests done on five robins and three waxwings found deceased at the bus stop located at Garcia St and Coldwater Ave back in March, showed they died as a result of blunt force trauma, likely after eating fermented berries from nearby trees.

"The important part was that they weren't poisoned. That's what had the neighbours so concerned. The investigator did note that the birds had alcohol on their breath, and most likely in their disorientated state crashed into windows of the bus stop."

When the birds were initially discovered, Garry confirms he did report the occurrence to the Avian Influenza Surveillance Program, just as a precaution.

Elections BC in desperate need of officials in Fraser-Nicola.

"We figure we are going to need around 300 people to work the election in this riding."

At the moment, district electoral officer Paul Montgomery says the number of officials sits around 150.

"Four years ago we had lots of people applying, but not nearly the same amount this time. Those that are interested they can apply at our office on Voght St."

Montgomery says those interested need to be computer-literate.

He also adds that students aged 15 and up can participate, should they receive permission to be out of school on May 9th.


Four Fraser-Nicola candidates confirmed for next month's provincial election.

Liberal Jackie Tegart, the NDP's Harry Lali, Arthur Green of the Green Party, and the Social Credit Party's Michael Henshall will all be on the ballot May 9th.

In all, 371 people filed papers with Elections BC ahead of yesterday afternoon's deadline.

The number includes representatives of 18 different political parties and 33 people who are running as independents.

Meanwhile, both the Liberals and the N-D-P are running candidates in each of the province's 87 ridings, while the Greens will be represented in 83.

It could be months before the Lower Nicola Indian Band officially signs a mutual benefit agreement with Kinder Morgan for the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

"Our council is in discussions still with both the government and Kinder Morgan."

Chief Aaron Sam says they want to make sure all issues that still exist are ironed-out.

"Discussions are still ongoing regarding employment, contracts, and the environmental impact."

Back on Feb 23rd, LNIB members voted 111 to 75 to accept the proposed MBA from Kinder Morgan.

None of the five area First Nations bands have signed an agreement, with both the Upper Nicola Band and Coldwater Indian Band filing federal challenges against the $7.4-billion project.

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