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Residents in Merritt that continue to leave their vehicles unlocked are making it easy for thieves.

Merritt RCMP Cpl Brock Hedrick says thieves continue to target vehicles that are left unlocked with valuables in plain view.

"I liken it to the analogy of feeding a bear. If we leave garbage out the bear will keep coming back, and that is the same for leaving vehicle doors unlocked. We do have a group of people in Merritt that choose to pull on door handles every night. We do our best to prosecute them through the criminal justice system, but unfortunately they do pull on door handles virtually every night of the week. And, if we keep leaving items in vehicles they are going to keep doing it."

Hedrick confirms they have received reports of wallets, cell phones and even laptops being stolen lately from vehicles that were left unlocked.

He also says many thefts go unreported.


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