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Conservation Officers asking the public to help keep off-road vehicles off grasslands near Merritt.

Several trails designated for hiking, mountain biking and riding horses on the Laurie Guichon Memorial Grasslands were damaged over the weekend by dirt bikers.

In order to stop it from continuing to happen, C/O Paul Pike says it will take a group effort.

"Signs are posted all over the grasslands showing that off road activity is not permitted. I wouldn't say it is a regular occurrence. Of course, there is lots of other trails in the area, but there is always a certain percentage of the population that ignore the rules, and just want to try somewhere new. Because we patrol such a large area, we need to hear from people when it is happening."

Should you spot someone using the trails at the grasslands east of Merritt, Pike encourages you to call the 24-hour RAPP hotline at 1-877-952-7277.

Offenders can be fined as much as $575 if caught in the act.


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