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Gas shortage hitting Merritt.

Both Petro Canada stations in the city have been forced to close pumps due to a lack of fuel in the last 24-hours.

GasBuddy Senior Analyst Dan McTeague says the limited supply of fuel is linked to longer than expected maintenance underway at a Suncor refinery in Edmonton, which supplies Petro Canada, who normally supplies about a quarter of Western Canada's needs.

"And now we are seeing of course, they may have underestimated the amount of inventory that thought they were going to need to patch them over this period of time, and now we're seeing rolling shortages, right here from the BC Interior, Central BC, all the way back out to Thunder Bay, Ontario."

McTeague suggests the gas shortage could last for a couple more weeks.

Until then, Petro Canda stations will experience intermittent fuel shortages.



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