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Citizens imploring the City of Merritt to do more to prevent future flooding along the Nicola River floodplain.
Jim Gardner, who's home was evacuated last month, is one of 15 residents that have formed a committee looking to mitigate future flooding along Voght St.
At tonight's regular meeting he made the request to work with the city.
"I'm not here to belittle the city or the employees for what's happened. All I'm hear for is to ask that the city look into our problem on Voght St. We have a flooding problem, and its been going on for years, let's get it fixed."
In responding to the request, Mayor Neil Menard promised action, and vowed to make it a priority heading into this fall's annual UBCM convention.
"We thought learned a lot form 2017, which we did, but we didn't learn enough. It'd good to see the citizens wanting to sit down and work with us to try and come up with a plan that will, and I don't want to say solve the problem, but get us in a position where we won't have the same difficulty that we had this year."
Roughly 100 people were displaced by flooding along the Nicola River floodplain within the City of Merritt in May.
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