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Extreme drought potential higher this summer than last in the Nicola Valley.
Despite experiencing unprecedented drought last summer, Provincial Drought Response coordinator Valerie Cameron says this summer is shaping up to be even worse.
"We were doing better last year at this time than this year. As you recall last year we got a huge dump of snow late, and then a lot of rain on top of that. That created very wet conditions in both May and June. This year we did have more snow, but it came a lot earlier in the season."
Armed with the latest readings, Cameron says the province's Technical Drought Working Group will be setting the Drought Level for all areas in the province this week.
"It seems the Nicola Valley is three weeks ahead of schedule this year, so at a minimum we will start at a rating of 2, or dry. And, if conditions warrant it we might have to go up to 3."
In 2017, after what was the driest summer on record in the Nicola Valley, both the Coldwater and Nicola watersheds reached the highest Drought Level Rating of 4 in August and remained there through to the end of October.
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