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Universal child care plan pilot project coming to Merritt.

Minister of State for Child Care Katrina Chen says the pilot project will model child care at a cost of $200 a month per child and that the results will be used to plan an expanded program.

Priority will be given to First Nations, immigrants, parents under 25, and parents who work either shift work or extended hours, but at this time she can't say how many of the 1,800 spots announced will be filled in the Merritt area.

"It depends on applications. It will be providers that have an existing child care service. Once the applications come in our staff will be reviewing them all to ensure there is enough diversity in the program. For example, we want to see both public and private daycares, in order to gauge how to best offer childcare moving forward in BC."

The pilot project will run from Sept 1st, 2018 to March 31, 2020.

Childcare centres in 24 communities across the province will be participating. 



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