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City of Merritt expecting Evacuation Orders and Alerts to stay in effect heading into the long weekend.

Director of corporate services Sean Smith says the city has been told that levels in Nicola Lake could peak in the coming days, but until outflows slow down the situation will remain status quo.

"Last we heard they were anticipating the levels would peak between May 17th and May 21st. Today is the 17th so we are at the front end of that, but I imagine it will depend on the amount of precipitation we see here in the next couple days."

As for Voght St, Smith says there are no plans currently to close it again between 1st Ave and Rotary Park. 

"We had an engineer come in and look at the road, and the concrete blocks. And, it was deemed safe for our crews to go in there and sandbag the area. There was some really great effort to get that reopened."
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