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City of Merritt still in the dark on the extent of its power to veto business licenses for prospective recreational marijuana dispensaries.

While the province will have a vetting process, director of corporate services Sean Smith says the city will have the final say on whether to issue a license.

However, it's not clear what reasons they may be able to use not to, or when the rules will be issued.

"The discretion of a local government to provide a recommendation is limited by the draft of the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act. And it says accompanying regulations, which will be released at a later date will further specify the criteria that must be considered by local governments when determining whether or not to make a recommendation to the licensing act regulation."

The City of Merritt is in the process of amending its bylaw to support the sale of recreational cannabis, and Mayor and Council have expressed interest in capping the number of dispensaries eligible to operate.


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