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Recreational marijuana to be sold in the same zones as liquor in the City of Merritt.

Nothing has been finalized yet, but at a Committee of the Whole meeting last night, Mayor and Council agreed that the City of Merritt should amend its zoning bylaw to limit marijuana sales to the three different zones where alcohol is currently sold.

If the motion is approved at next week's regular meeting, director of corporate services Sean Smith says administration will prepare a report outlining recommendations for different regulations pertaining to the sale of cannabis.

"Here are some potential options. This is what a lot of the other municipalities have done. This is what some of the provincial regulations that might affect such things as distance to schools. And here's how it would fit within the existing zones being proposed."

At last night's meeting, Mayor and Council also expressed interest in potentially capping the number of dispensaries, but what that number would be remains undecided.

Smith also confirms the public will be consulted before any amendment recieves final approval.


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