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Despite still being in response mode, the Ministry of Transportation is starting to explore ways to keep 10-mile bridge open in the future.
District manager Trent Folk says the bridge west of Merritt remains structurally sound, and crews continue to work to clear sediment from Guichon Creek, which closed the bridge for several days last week.
The access point is critical to the region, and Folk says the focus will soon be all about preventing future closures.
"We have started to turn our minds to the long-term recovery moving forward. The good news is it remains structurally sound. But, we will be looking at the impact this year's flooding has had on the creek, and the area, as well as our structure. The goal is to keep this from happening again."
Ten-Mile bridge was closed in both directions for most of last week, cutting off access to the Merritt area for those living west of Guichon Creek, where flows have slowed considerably in recent days.
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