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Interior Health warning residents in the Nicola Valley there can be serious health risks associated with flooding.
Public Health director Courtney Hesketh says health officials always assume flood waters are contaminated and can spread diseases like E.Coli and salmonella, especially in rural areas.
"If you're on well water, do not use the water until you flush the system, the flood waters have receded and if possible, you've had some bacteriological testing of your drinking water."
Flooding from both the Nicola River and Guichon Creek has forced the evacuation almost 200 residents in the Nicola Valley in recent weeks.
For those with wet basements along the Nicola River floodplain in the City of Merritt Hesketh adds its important to thoroughly inspect any wet drywall, because when mixed with silt it can cause asthma, and in rare cases, black mould can be toxic.
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