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Roughly 70 people evacuated over the weekend in Merritt due to flooding along the Nicola River floodplain.
An Evacuation Alert was issued for those living along the floodplain on Friday, with levels in the Nicola River expected to increase over the weekend.
By 4am Saturday morning, Mayor Neil Menard says the river had flooded Garcia St, forcing the evacuation of the Nicola Meadows seniors home due to concerns around emergency access.
"We had a big dam put up at far the end of the street because of the flooding we had there last year, but unfortunately its now running over the berm there, which was higher than last year."
Then yesterday morning, director of corporate services Sean Smith says homes on 2nd Ave, and a single home on Voght were evacated, after high flows in the Nicola River began to erode flood mitigation efforts.
"About six of the lock-blocks in the cement wall on Voght St are starting to tilt towards the river. We have taken some measures to help stop the erosion, but decided the evacuation order was necessary, because if that wall was to give way there would be additional risk to those living on 2nd Ave and the house on Voght St."
As a result of the flooding on 2nd Ave, Voght St is closed in both directions, and residents within the City of Merritt continue to be asked to avoid using water to do laundry or shower.
However, CAO Shawn Boven says there is reason to believe conditions may start to get better.
"We were told today (Sunday) that there may not be anymore significant increases, but we will have to wait until tomorrow for an update on that."
The City of Merritt remains under a Local State of Emergency.
Sandbags continue to be made available for residents needing them at the Civic Centre.
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