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Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club filing lawsuit against the Corbett Lake Lodge, Douglas Lake Cattle Company and province to ensure public access to Corbett Lake.
After years of protesting by members for the right to access the private lake east of Merritt, director Rick McGowan says the club has officially filed a lawsuit that he hopes will show they have been in the right, and unfairly persecuted.
"The individuals from highways (Ministry of Transportation), the RCMP and landowners around Corbett Lake will be deposed. And they will have to answer questions like, do you have any legal agreements giving you ownership of a public lake? Do you have an legal right to put fish into a public lake? Also, the RCMP will have to answer if they had legal right to charge us, and the highways are going to have to say whether they had any right to build a berm there to block public access. All these questions are going to be answered."
Earlier this year the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club, who already is suing the Douglas Lake Cattle Company for public access to Miinnie and Stoney Lake, voted to join members that have been fighting for access at Corbett Lake in recent years.
There have been no arrests during staged protests since, but McGowan has filed two official complaints with Merritt RCMP after his vehicle was towed for parking along the highway where no parking signs were installed, in his words, illegally  last year to deter them from fishing at the lake.
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