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Company proposing wind energy projects near the Okanagan Connector confident they will eventually proceed, despite BC Hydro putting a freeze the Standing Offer Program.
Manager of wind development for Seabreeze Power Corp James Griffiths confirms they have signed a 10-year contract with the province.
But with BC Hydro waiting for a provincial review of the Standing Offer Program, proposed wind projects along Elkhart Rd and on Boulder Hill won't likely become operational in 2020 as originally hoped.
"We submitted our application to BC Hydro, but they recently announced that they are not accepting new applications, as the project is under review. So, we're ready to go, and knocking at the door. We knew there was changes coming to the program, so we are confident that our plans should still be compatible. But, we will have to wait a little while before we find out."
Both wind energy projects would contain five, three megawatt turbines, much like the wind energy project recently constructed at the Pennask Summit.
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