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Friends of the Nicola Valley standing with a Kamloops suburb looking to halt the spreading of biosolids on a neighbouring ranch.

The local anti-biosolids group, in partnership with area First Nations successfully halted the spreading, and composting of biosolids in the Nicola Valley back in 2015, and spokesperson Georgia Clement lent her expertise to residents dealing with a similar situation at a public meeting last week in Barnhartvale.

"The meeting was hosted by the residents in the area of Robbins Range Rd. There is a bio sludge applicant there, who owns a ranch, that have entered into a land application agreement to take bio sludge. And, like us a couple years ago, the people living in the area weren't informed it was happening until it was too late."

Clement says the goal remains to have a pyrolysis plant constructed in the region and believes ranchers could play a crucial role in that coming to fruition, should they refuse to accept biosolids moving forward.


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