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Efforts to get as much water out of Nicola Lake before the freshet proving extremely effective.

Flood safety engineer at the Nicola Lake Dam Sarah Simon says they began to increase outflows at the beginning of February, and as of this week, levels at Nicola Lake has never been lower.

"It's the lowest level it has ever been before. We are a half metre below the normal median level of this date, which coincidentally is where the level was at this time last year."

Despite being at an all time low, Simon says they will continue to increase outflows.

"I'm monitoring the inflows, outflows and reservoir levels everyday. I am getting a lot of questions from people that think we are too low, but according to our design we can actually go lower and not impact the fish in the lake."

Last spring, increased flows from Nicola Lake during the freshet led to major flooding downstream within the City of Merritt and TNRD Areas 'M' and 'N'.


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