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'Pride' stickers being used to show diversity is both welcomed, and accepted in Merritt.

The decision by the City of Merritt last month to deny a request from students at Merritt Secondary School to have a rainbow crosswalk painted on Coldwater Ave has led to many in the city, and outside of it, questioning whether the city is accepting of alternative lifestyles.

In response, Kerstin Auer, and her husband have created a 'pride' sticker, which they are distributing at no cost to residents, who want to make sure the LGBTQ2 community feel welcomed.

"I don't want to be a part of the negativity. I just want to make sure people outside of Merritt know we welcome diversity, and we welcome everybody here, and that Merritt is a great place to live, and to do business at."

1000 'pride' stickers have been printed, and Auer says as many as 400 are already in circulation.

You can pick one up at Brambles Bakery, while supplies last.


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