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Merritt Councillor considering taking concerns over the handling of a motion about employee morale to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.
Linda Brown says the request doesn't need to be handled behind closed doors because it has nothing to do with negotiating contracts, no one is being hired or fired, and no individuals will be identified.
She believes the fact that she was unable to even make her case why at this week's regular meeting was wrong.
"Bylaw No. 2055 states the maker of a motion has the right to speak to the motion first. I didn't get that right. I was denied it."
Brown says the complete overhaul of senior staff since 2014 has clearly created issues.
"We as council have a duty and responsibility to staff, to find out how they have been affected. Do we just say nothing is happening? I mean, I hear the grumblings from people that are coming to me in confidence."
Deferred by a non-unanimous point of order motion to have the motion to conduct an independent staff survey be discussed in camera at Tuesday's meeting, Brown's request to initiate a staff satisfaction survey will be heard again on January 23rd.   
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