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Merritt RCMP detachment still dealing with false emergency calls.

Yesterday alone, Cst Tracy Dunsmore says they received three false 9-1-1 calls.

It's been an issue for years, and continues to be a burden on the detachment.

"Sometimes its cellphones we are not able to track, whether they accidentally call or hit the emergency. And we aren’t often able to track cell phones. So, it just pings to the nearest tower, which can be anywhere in Merritt. It takes up valuable time"

The latest statistics show the Merritt RCMP detachment received 95 emergency calls in the third quarter of 2017 that were eventually determined to be false

Should you accidently dial 9-1-1, Dunsmore says the most important thing to do is remain on the line, and not hang up before making it clear to the operator.

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