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Busy opening month at Merritt's emergency cold weather shelter.

"We had 77 beds used by males, and 9 by females. So, 86 total stays, by a total of 39 individuals."

The numbers are down in terms of overnight stays from 2016, but Coordinator Ava Dean says the 39 people is on par, despite favourable weather for most of the month.

Dean says they are also served a lot of meals, with funding now in place to operate 24/7.

"We have already served over 200 meals. But, not only to people using the shelter. We have a lot of people in the community that are having difficulty meeting ends meet. They have a home, so they don't stay here, just come here to have a meal."

Dean says there is currently a need for daytime volunteers, and anyone interested can apply at shelter, which is located at 2038 Nicola Ave.


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