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TNRD making sure residents understand the new Solid Waste Management plan has nothing to do with biosolids.

Environmental Services manager Jamie Viera says he understands they are a sensitive subject in the Merritt-area, but biosolids are not considered municipal solid waste, despite the belief of many at Tuesday's public consultation.

"We do not have any authority to regulate land application, or biosolids. But, the group refused to listen that we were talking about municipal solid waste, and not sewage sludge or biosolids, which are completely different."

Viera also makes it clear, Sperling Hansen & Associates were awarded the contract to consult on the new Regional Solid Waste Management plan through a competitive public tender process adhering to the TNRD's purchasing policy. 

And, that claims made by the Friends of the Nicola Valley that the company continues to spread biosolids at Ray Creek Ranch, are false.


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