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Merritt Councillor believing the proposed fire hall expansion should be delayed.
Mike Goetz is for the expansion, but believes with the City of Merritt's tax revenue set to take a hit of as much as 6% next year following the closure of the Tolko Industries sawmill, its not fiscally responsible at this time.
"I've opposed it from the start, and not because I don't think the fire hall should be built. I still think we should put this off until we find out the total impact of Tolko leaving has on the tax base. So, I will be voting against it. Due diligence does not allow me to move in this direction, at this time."
The proposed expansion of the Merritt Fire Rescue Department's headquarters is budgeted at $2,209,000.
An alternate approval process, which will give residents opposed to the expansion the ability to vote against it is scheduled for this fall.
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