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Vancouver man's walk across Canada for youth homelessness, rerouted due to the smoky skies.
Joe Roberts, was scheduled to stop in Merritt Sunday, but because of the smoke, he and his shopping cart will instead be travelling via Hwy 3 to the coast.
"Some people will hopefully see us, but we won't be coming through Merritt because of the air quality. I started to get a little sick earlier in the week as we headed into Kamloops, and we felt at that time we needed to avoid the smoke."
Roberts says the 17-month, 9,000km Push For Change walk is to show support and raise funds and awareness for the 35,000 Canadian youth still living on the streets.
Over $500,000 has been raised to date.
"You don't have to convince Canadians to do good, you just need to give them an opportunity to join you. The walk started we me pushing a shopping cart 24km a day and along the way we have met with police commissioners, politicians, private business people, and literally tens-of-thousands of young people. In doing so learning that Canadians have a strong interest in wanting to create change." 
For more information on youth homelessness, or to donate to the walk, go to
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